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Have Massage Table, will travel !

If you’re looking for a healing, nurturing Swedish massage,
I’m your Lady
Click here to set up a time for me to bring my massage table to your home.
I charge
£25/hour for appointments within a ten-mile radius of Kings Lynn.
Available within a ten-mile radius of Cambridge City Centre at weekends too.

Indian Head Massage also a speciality, at
£20 for a 40 Min treatment.
Also In the Cambridge area at week-ends.

More reasons to have an Indian Head Massage.

“Benefits of Indian head massage include easing insomnia as well as
together with increasing oxygen supply to the brain, improving blood
circulation, doing away with toxins found in one’s head, boosting one’s
immune system, improving joint movement in an individual, strengthening
and relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles and last but not least
improving the energy flow in one’s physical system.”

More Information can be found over at Health and wellness

An Indian Head Massage is just what you need as we go into the Winter months 🙂

A new discovery

This week I was given a gift, a pot of virgin coconut oil.
I am not one for using lotions and potions but this oil is just divine.
A small amount rubbed onto your face at night leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.
Virgin Coconut oil has many other health benefits too.
What you have to remember is that Virgin coconut oil is only liquid if it’s in an environment warmer than +25C, less than that and it solidifies.
So just get some of it and find a way to warm it up – e.g. if you just rub some in your hands,body temp being +37, it’ll turn into liquid in your hands.
Its made me think that this oil would be a wonderful one to use for an Indian Head Massage treatment.

From Sallyinnorfolk blog pictures

The Power Of Touch…

What is Indian Head Massage.

The traditional Indian Head Massage practised by women in India was restricted to the head and hair.

However my techniques include the neck, shoulders upper arms and face.

Indian head massage is a safe, simple,yet effective therapy that not only promotes hair growth, but also provides relief from aches and pains.

Its renowned for relieving symptoms of stress



How Does it Work.

The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centres within your body.

If you are feeling stressed or angry,tension tends to accumulate.

This tension can later show up as a stiff neck and shoulders, eye strain and sometimes even hair loss.

Indian head massage involves working with a firm but gentle rhythm to help unknot blockages and relieve this uncomfortable build up of tension.

However , its effect is not just physical, it works on an emotional level too, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.


If you would like to try an Indian Head Massage why not book an appointment with me , Home visits a speciality.

call sally 07843261254 or 01553636943


Advertising myself…

Apart from on my blog I have never advertised myself anywhere as a massage therapist.

All my clients so far have found me via my blog.

This week I had my first client that came on a recommendation from another client.

Now I have decided to put an advert into my local village magazine.gayton

The trouble is I am finding it hard, getting the right words.

It needs to be brief, clear and to the point.

Stressed then Relax

In the comfort of your own home

With an Indian head massage or

Swedish body massage.

Call sally

A fully qualified massage therapist

On 01553636943/07843261254

For a free consultation today.

What do you think ?  feel free to make any suggestions. 🙂

Treating Mum…

Lets not forget its Mothering Sunday on 22nd March.image

Sometimes its hard to find that special treat for your mum.

But you need look no further than here.

why not book your mum a relaxing Indian head massage or Swedish body massage.

Both available in the comfort of her own home.

A real treat not to be missed 🙂

I know a few Mum’s who would love a gift like this, including myself.

Gift vouchers available.

contact sally on 01553 636943 or 07843261254

or E-mail

Great no Excellent news…

Today I had my letter from the college confirming that I have passed my level 3 diploma in Indian head massage.image

To say I was pleased is an understatement, over the moon, delighted, ecstatic all come to mind.

Not once in my life did I ever think I would go to college,let alone get two diplomas.

One in Indian head massage the other in Swedish body massage.

Many many thanks has to go to Geoff who has made this all possible for me and reaps the benefits with weekly Indian head and body massages .

Now I wait for my certificate to arrive and the clients to follow 🙂