A new discovery

This week I was given a gift, a pot of virgin coconut oil.
I am not one for using lotions and potions but this oil is just divine.
A small amount rubbed onto your face at night leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.
Virgin Coconut oil has many other health benefits too.
What you have to remember is that Virgin coconut oil is only liquid if it’s in an environment warmer than +25C, less than that and it solidifies.
So just get some of it and find a way to warm it up – e.g. if you just rub some in your hands,body temp being +37, it’ll turn into liquid in your hands.
Its made me think that this oil would be a wonderful one to use for an Indian Head Massage treatment.

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7 thoughts on “A new discovery

  1. Ellee

    I bought some lavender oil in Dubrovnik for when you visit me for my next massage as it is one of my favourites. I just hope I remember where I have put it. I must say I am not fond of coconut oils and have never liked the coconut sun lotions. I bought some olive oil cream too for my face and body from Greece which I am looking forward to trying out.

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