Another chapter ends….

Well tonight was my last night at college and I now have a level 3 Diploma in Indian head massage as well as Swedish body massage.indian head

I have really enjoyed doing these courses and its opened up a new life for me.

Many thanks must go to Geoff for making it all possible and for all the encouragement he has given me.

He has also been the most perfect guinea pig for all my practice, and can now reap the benefits with massages every weekend for life 🙂

It seems I may have done these courses just at the right time as there is a rumour that they will not be funded for much longer at the college.

The government say all funding has to be made available for teenagers not older students.

So what will I do with myself on a Tuesday night now…….   go back to my first love and that’s the gym 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Another chapter ends….

  1. jmb

    Well done Sally, I hope this really takes off for you and I do wish I was nearby to take advantage of it. Well that you were nearby me, not vice versa. 🙂

  2. Geoff

    Hopefully you will be getting lots of clients on Tuesday nights now 🙂
    I can really recommend them to others 🙂

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