The Power Of Touch…

What is Indian Head Massage.

The traditional Indian Head Massage practised by women in India was restricted to the head and hair.

However my techniques include the neck, shoulders upper arms and face.

Indian head massage is a safe, simple,yet effective therapy that not only promotes hair growth, but also provides relief from aches and pains.

Its renowned for relieving symptoms of stress



How Does it Work.

The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centres within your body.

If you are feeling stressed or angry,tension tends to accumulate.

This tension can later show up as a stiff neck and shoulders, eye strain and sometimes even hair loss.

Indian head massage involves working with a firm but gentle rhythm to help unknot blockages and relieve this uncomfortable build up of tension.

However , its effect is not just physical, it works on an emotional level too, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.


If you would like to try an Indian Head Massage why not book an appointment with me , Home visits a speciality.

call sally 07843261254 or 01553636943


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  1. Lady Banana

    Sounds absolute bliss – when the hairdresser does a little massage I feel so calm and relaxed I don’t want her to stop!

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