That special birthday Gift…

My massage client yesterday had no idea he was having a massage till he arrived hsallymassageome from work and found me waiting for him.

His wife had booked him a massage as a surprise birthday gift.

His face was a picture and he was delighted with his surprise gift.

So if your looking for that special gift for a birthday/anniversary or just want to treat someone then a Swedish body massage or an Indian head massage could be just what your looking for.

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3 thoughts on “That special birthday Gift…

  1. devonshire dumpling

    I wish I lived nearer! I took a course in Indian Head Massage and was also the person a few people practised on. Without a doubt its the most relaxing thing EVER. As regards a body massage I drool at the prospect of giving my carcass a special treat. Oh, I do wish I was not living so far away. I know – come on down for a holiday and bring your paste table with you, heh.

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