Not the perfect Chair

It has been really hard finding the right chair for my Indian head massage clients.

It had to have a low back, be comfortable and portable for in and out the car.

I need a sturdy folding chair that is cushioned but they are hard to find.

The one I have now is ok but I am not 100% happy with it, its pine foldable but quite hard to sit on.

To make the chair look better and more professional I have got a nice Indian cover but its slightly too wide.

I have a client tomorrow and I am feeling  nervous about it, all because of the chair …

How stupid is that  πŸ™


sunday 15th

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7 thoughts on “Not the perfect Chair

  1. sally

    I need not have worried… the chair was perfect .. I covered it with a towel then the cover. my client loved the cover and feed back about the chair was all excellent and of course she loved the Indian head massage too πŸ™‚

  2. Reluctant Blogger

    That is just the chair I am sitting on to type this! But without the lovely cover. I am perched on a towel.

    I would look on the web at the Indian Head Massage sites and look at the chairs they are using. That might spark off an idea. Otherwise yes, you could get some sort of cushioned cover (small sun lounger cushioned cover?) for your existing chair and chuck the Indian throw over the top – but you will probably always feel that is less than ideal.

    It is true that having the right equipment can make you feel just right and relaxed about stuff. I feel awful if I have the wrong stuff for skiing (even if I forget my own poles!) – can’t ski at all – which is really daft. But it is all about having a relaxed state of mind. But I bet your clients are fine – like OTW said it’s all about the hands.

  3. your dad

    what about one of them car seat covers .the padded ones come to mind with straps could be used to fix to chair. COULD sit on it when in transit. STILL cover it with the throw over cover.

  4. onethoughtfulwoman

    PS; Good luck with the new client. She will no doubt love the experience, we pay for your hands not the chair.

  5. onethoughtfulwoman

    The idea of the cover is good and I have used that chair as you know with cushions and it has been fine,

    But , I do in the long-term feel for your expert professionalism, we need to look out for a nice chair for you,

    We will find one.

    Tomorrow, in the mean time is fine, and I love the cover.

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