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Not the perfect Chair

It has been really hard finding the right chair for my Indian head massage clients.

It had to have a low back, be comfortable and portable for in and out the car.

I need a sturdy folding chair that is cushioned but they are hard to find.

The one I have now is ok but I am not 100% happy with it, its pine foldable but quite hard to sit on.

To make the chair look better and more professional I have got a nice Indian cover but its slightly too wide.

I have a client tomorrow and I am feeling  nervous about it, all because of the chair …

How stupid is that  🙁


sunday 15th

That special birthday Gift…

My massage client yesterday had no idea he was having a massage till he arrived hsallymassageome from work and found me waiting for him.

His wife had booked him a massage as a surprise birthday gift.

His face was a picture and he was delighted with his surprise gift.

So if your looking for that special gift for a birthday/anniversary or just want to treat someone then a Swedish body massage or an Indian head massage could be just what your looking for.

Contact me on…


01553 636943

or E-mail

Another chapter ends….

Well tonight was my last night at college and I now have a level 3 Diploma in Indian head massage as well as Swedish body massage.indian head

I have really enjoyed doing these courses and its opened up a new life for me.

Many thanks must go to Geoff for making it all possible and for all the encouragement he has given me.

He has also been the most perfect guinea pig for all my practice, and can now reap the benefits with massages every weekend for life 🙂

It seems I may have done these courses just at the right time as there is a rumour that they will not be funded for much longer at the college.

The government say all funding has to be made available for teenagers not older students.

So what will I do with myself on a Tuesday night now…….   go back to my first love and that’s the gym 🙂

Almost there…

Only 2 weeks left on my Indian head massage course. 

I have done all my assessments, covered all my ranges and thoroughly enjoyed learning this treatment. head

Basically I just have to get my portfolio together and do the last treatment on my third case study.

What still amazes me,is that when I give a body or Indian head massage it relaxes me so much I actually feel like I have had a massage.

So if you live in the Kings Lynn or Downham Market area and want a real treat,I am now taking Indian head massage clients as well as Swedish body massage clients.

I can be contacted on

01553 636943 or 07843261254

Case studies…

My Indian head massage course at the college in Kings Lynn is going well.

I am really enjoying the massage but the course is not so nice as the Swedish body massage course.

In my opinion it needs to be a longer course which would make it more relaxing and enjoyable.head

I feel everything is done in a rush….. which does not suit my character.

We have now started on our 3 case studies…. of course I used Geoff for one and he gave me some great feed back.

Next we had to pick someone from our class, I picked sally a girl I have worked with many times and who also did the body massage course with me.

After Christmas we have to do our last case study and hopefully I have someone lined up ready to do that.

I know the routine well, now I just have to slow it down and get the timing just right.

At this time of year I get very stressed but tonight’s massage has left me feeling very relaxed. 🙂

Indian Head Massage.

Believe it or not but I only have 8 weeks left on my Indian head massage course at the college in Kings Lynn.

I almost know the whole routine off by heart now, just when I thought I was never going to remember it,it just all fell into place.

We have learnt about the face muscles and face bones, now its time to learn about the skin But as I did that in my body massage course I do not have to re-sit the test again.

In the short time we have left not only do we have to make sure we know the routine,which has 60 different stroke to it, covering the …

1. Upper back and shoulders                                  head

2. Upper arms

3. The Neck.

4. The Scalp

5. The face

But we also have to do 3 case studies.

Last week-end I felt confident enough to try my Indian head massage on someone other then Geoff.

This is part of the E-mail I received from them yesterday…

"head massage  was FAB- will give you any reference you like!"

As you can imagine this has boosted my confidence quite a bit.

So come February I will be taking Indian Head massage clients as well as Swedish body massage clients.

Back to College….

Do you know the difference between the Maxilla and the Zygomatic ??

I had to learn the facial bones for a test at college tonight.

There are seven altogetherhead

  • frontal bone
  • mandible
  • maxilla
  • occipital bone
  • parietal bone
  • temporal bone
  • zygomatic bone

We also had to know the name of the collar bone,the shoulder blade and the neck bones.( Clavicle,Scapula and Cervical Vertebrae )

Next we have to learn some of the facial muscles, which will be harder due to the strange names like Orbicularis oris.

For the third week in a row I fell asleep while having my Indian head massage, its very annoying as I really want to know what it feels like to have your face massaged and I feel nothing while a sleep 🙁