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Cambridge Massage

Today my Cambridge Massage client had to cancel.

She had fallen off her bike after an early morning swim in the river.

Badly bruising her ribs…… a massage would have been good for her soul but far too painful for her ribs 🙂

If you live in Cambridge and want a real treat why not book yourself a Cambridge massage,or give a Swedish or Indian head massage as a gift for Christmas.

Have Massage Table, will travel !

If you’re looking for a healing, nurturing Swedish massage,
I’m your Lady
Click here to set up a time for me to bring my massage table to your home.
I charge
£25/hour for appointments within a ten-mile radius of Kings Lynn.
Available within a ten-mile radius of Cambridge City Centre at weekends too.

Indian Head Massage also a speciality, at
£20 for a 40 Min treatment.
Also In the Cambridge area at week-ends.

No Comparison

An interesting read about massage can be found over at Ben Casnocha.
His experience can not compare with the great professional service you get if you book a massage with me.
So here are 3 reasons why you should book a massage with me…..

  • “Four of us (three guys, one girl) are put in one room, three in the other. We are given shorts and a shirt to change in to, instead of a robe. There is no locker room or privacy barriers. Nor New Age music playing in the background. Nor even four beds; only one bed and three futons on the ground.”
    With a sallyinnorfolk massage I visit you in the comfort and privacy of your own home 🙂
  • “I start by lying on my stomach. On a fucking futon. There is no hole near the top through which to stick my head, as is usually the case with bed massages, so my face and nose are jammed into the mattress”
    With a sallyinnorfolk massage only the best massage table is used with a face hole giving total comfort and support.
  • ” At first it’s the usual Swedish shtick, but it takes only a few minutes to discover the Chinese way is different. No pain, no gain. If I spoke Chinese I would yell out for her to stop or ease up on the pressure on my back, but I’m a simple English speaker, and my face is stuffed into the futon anyway.
    A  sallyinnorfolk massage is a Swedish massage , long gentle flowing strokes,totally relaxing with no pain.

Swedish Massage.

The best Known type of massage.

With a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation.image

I am back and now taking bookings…

call me  on 01553636943 07843261254  to make an appointment.

More information can be found here.

As I very seldom get a massage myself

I decided to try a few out while I was in Peru and I can tell you they were pure torture 🙁

Mine however are pure heaven 🙂

A Result….

Last week much to my delight I had a massage booking from my advert in the local parish magazine.

My client was so pleased with the massage that she re-booked me for today as well.

The lady concerned has had her ankle in plaster for 10 weeks.untitled2

To get around she has been using a Zimmer frame and crutches, which had given her a sore back and shoulders.

So my job was to give her a back massage which would hopefully ease the tension, much to my delight I did a great job and it worked a treat.

She was very happy, which made me very happy.

So if your suffering with a sore back and shoulders, having a regular massage does help and if your house bound don’t forget I can always visit your home.

Some of my other clients are Gardeners, Builders, or play squash, or even a musical instrument and they all benefit from a regular massage.

Advertising myself…

Apart from on my blog I have never advertised myself anywhere as a massage therapist.

All my clients so far have found me via my blog.

This week I had my first client that came on a recommendation from another client.

Now I have decided to put an advert into my local village magazine.gayton

The trouble is I am finding it hard, getting the right words.

It needs to be brief, clear and to the point.

Stressed then Relax

In the comfort of your own home

With an Indian head massage or

Swedish body massage.

Call sally

A fully qualified massage therapist

On 01553636943/07843261254

For a free consultation today.

What do you think ?  feel free to make any suggestions. 🙂

Treating Mum…

Lets not forget its Mothering Sunday on 22nd March.image

Sometimes its hard to find that special treat for your mum.

But you need look no further than here.

why not book your mum a relaxing Indian head massage or Swedish body massage.

Both available in the comfort of her own home.

A real treat not to be missed 🙂

I know a few Mum’s who would love a gift like this, including myself.

Gift vouchers available.

contact sally on 01553 636943 or 07843261254

or E-mail

That special birthday Gift…

My massage client yesterday had no idea he was having a massage till he arrived hsallymassageome from work and found me waiting for him.

His wife had booked him a massage as a surprise birthday gift.

His face was a picture and he was delighted with his surprise gift.

So if your looking for that special gift for a birthday/anniversary or just want to treat someone then a Swedish body massage or an Indian head massage could be just what your looking for.

Contact me on…


01553 636943

or E-mail