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A new discovery

This week I went and joined my local library as I discovered that they had a huge on line Audio book library.

Thursday's in the ParkBasically you down load them to an app, called one click digital, on your iphone/ipod and its stays there for 21 days, then they take it back again.

I decided to start with a book that I Know many of you have read called  “Thursdays in the park” .

It took me a few attempts to get into it, as I never seemed to remember the story, but I have got the hang of it now and am half way through the book already.

When you look at how expensive audio books are to buy I think this is a great service

I especially like listening to it when out walking 🙂

The Rose Petal Beach

I have just finished reading The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson.

Screenshot 21:02:2013 21:58It was a great read, I have also read The Ice Cream Girls by the same author and what i liked most about these books has been the endings… neither ended like you expected them too !!

Now the plan is not to start another book just yet but to spend some time knitting but we shall see how that plan goes…. as you cannot knit in bed !!

My running is coming along great at the moment, averaging about 10 miles a week, longest run being 4 miles so I hope I can keep improving on that till I am back up to the 10km mark 🙂

With all the running I have dropped another kg in weight which makes me feel very healthy, I did have a little panic when my Fitbit started falling apart but thanks to the great customer service they provide I had a replacement within 2 days.

Since having my fitbit its the first time in my life that I have managed to maintain any weight loss and I would highly recommend one to anyone wanting a healthier life style 🙂

Rekindling my love of reading…

For many years I have been struggling to read, mainly because I just could not concentrate 🙁

Then just before our trip to the Pyrenees Geoff bought me a Kindle, which I just love.

So thanks to my Kindle and Mr Grey I have rekindled my love of reading 🙂

I have read 4 books since July which is more books than I have read for years.


The 5th book has been started, it was recommended by Martin Black,  its called The Camino Diaries and I am loving it.

You know what I will be doing now on our long train journey to St Ives on Friday !








A bit of Excitement !

I am not having much luck with the book I am trying to read at the moment, once again I am finding it hard to concentrate long enough to read.

Its been so long since I started the book and I have read so little of it, that  I decided to put it back on my book shelf for another time.

A friend at work told me I needed an exciting book, and she could recommend just the book…….







As they are on offer at work I bought all three.

BUT I wont be starting them just yet as I am going to Pilates tonight 🙂

The Zahir

Thanks to my frequent trips to costa coffee, where I go so I can read without distractions, I have now finished my book The Zahir.

I am very pleased to be finished it, as I did not enjoy it all 🙁  I spent the entire time waiting for something exciting to happen . I thought it may happen in the last chapter but that was a huge disappointment too !

Due to a chance twitter from @sophiehannahCB1  I would really like to read Fifty Shades of Grey  but decided not to order it this time, because I have other books to read, including Hurting Distance by Sophie Hannah.

Although I think my next book for reading is going to be Marshmallows for breakfast by Dorothy Koomson  as I just loved her book The Ice Cream Girls 

Anyway I have plenty of time for reading at the moment so maybe I will get through all my stacked up books that are waiting to be read 🙂


The Fat Chance Guide to Dieting

 The Fat Chance Guide To Dieting is actually the title of a book that I have just finished reading, not a book that I would recommend to anyone, it was not heart stopping, exciting or thrilling but once started had to be read to the end.

I have a few books queued up ready for reading , but a few weeks ago Geoff and I sheltered from the rain in a second hand book shop where I did something quite out of character.

I picked up a book by a completely unknown author , to me anyway , read the back cover and felt I just had to read this book.

The book is by Paulo Coelho and called The Zahir   and I will let you know what I think once I have finished reading it.



One Moment, One Morning

I may have taken my macbook to the Czech republic but it never came out my bag 🙂

Instead I took the opportunity to read my book, One Moment, One Morning

To my amazement by the time I arrived home I only had 30 pages left to read.

Sadly it then took me another 4 days to read those 30 pages 🙁

I thoroughly enjoyed this book which….

“Told the story of the week following a fateful train journey, One Moment, One Morning is a stunning novel about love and loss, about family and – above all – friendship. A stark reminder that, sometimes, one moment is all it takes, it also reminds us that somehow, and despite everything, life can and does go on.”

In fact a bit in the book has really stuck in my mind, to truly love someone its their faults that you have to come to love !!


The Ice Cream Girls

The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson.

It took me four weeks to read this book, which is a record for me, and has to be one of the best books that I have ever read.

“As teenagers Poppy and Serena were the only witnesses to a tragic event.
Years later having led very different lives, Poppy is keen to set the record straight about what really happened, while Serena wants no one to find out about her past,but some secrets will not stay buried.”

The story flicks between past and present , you will find yourself desperate to turn the pages to find out what actually happened.

I had my suspicions about who did it and it turns out I was right 🙂

Now to decide what book to read next !