The Zahir

Thanks to my frequent trips to costa coffee, where I go so I can read without distractions, I have now finished my book The Zahir.

I am very pleased to be finished it, as I did not enjoy it all 🙁  I spent the entire time waiting for something exciting to happen . I thought it may happen in the last chapter but that was a huge disappointment too !

Due to a chance twitter from @sophiehannahCB1  I would really like to read Fifty Shades of Grey  but decided not to order it this time, because I have other books to read, including Hurting Distance by Sophie Hannah.

Although I think my next book for reading is going to be Marshmallows for breakfast by Dorothy Koomson  as I just loved her book The Ice Cream Girls 

Anyway I have plenty of time for reading at the moment so maybe I will get through all my stacked up books that are waiting to be read 🙂


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4 thoughts on “The Zahir

  1. Lady Banana

    I need to dedicate some time to reading, I also have a pile of them waiting to be read.

  2. Geoff

    Excellent review 🙂
    You have more stamina than I, if I don’t get on with a book in the first few paragraphs then I quickly read snippets from the rest of the book, if still no joy, in the bin it goes.

    1. sally

      while i may be indecisive at times once i make my mind up about something I am always committed and never give up 🙂

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