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The first of many.. I hope !

This year I decided it was time to get back into reading 🙂

I soon realized that this was never going to happen, unless I made a plan.

First I joined a face book reading group,started by a friend, but that did not spur me on.

Then I decided just like for everything else in my life , a routine was needed.

So I marked a time in my diary , that would be my reading time every day, just half an hour to get me going.

Now five weeks after starting my book I have finished it, not a great achievement for most but a huge one for me.

The book was The Memory Keepers Daughter, not a fantastic book, as it goes a bit flat in the middle , but it had a great start and a decent ending, which is good as I always feel let down by books that have a rubbish ending.

Now the question is what to read next ??

The book group people have given Room good reviews but I think I will read a book I bought a while ago called The ice cream girls .


Maybe it will be The Friday Night Knitting Club.