The Rose Petal Beach

I have just finished reading The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson.

Screenshot 21:02:2013 21:58It was a great read, I have also read The Ice Cream Girls by the same author and what i liked most about these books has been the endings… neither ended like you expected them too !!

Now the plan is not to start another book just yet but to spend some time knitting but we shall see how that plan goes…. as you cannot knit in bed !!

My running is coming along great at the moment, averaging about 10 miles a week, longest run being 4 miles so I hope I can keep improving on that till I am back up to the 10km mark 🙂

With all the running I have dropped another kg in weight which makes me feel very healthy, I did have a little panic when my Fitbit started falling apart but thanks to the great customer service they provide I had a replacement within 2 days.

Since having my fitbit its the first time in my life that I have managed to maintain any weight loss and I would highly recommend one to anyone wanting a healthier life style 🙂

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