Rekindling my love of reading…

For many years I have been struggling to read, mainly because I just could not concentrate 🙁

Then just before our trip to the Pyrenees Geoff bought me a Kindle, which I just love.

So thanks to my Kindle and Mr Grey I have rekindled my love of reading 🙂

I have read 4 books since July which is more books than I have read for years.


The 5th book has been started, it was recommended by Martin Black,  its called The Camino Diaries and I am loving it.

You know what I will be doing now on our long train journey to St Ives on Friday !








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2 thoughts on “Rekindling my love of reading…

  1. Martin

    Glad you’re enjoying Camino. I commute to London from Ely so have time to read loads of books, I love my Kindle but books will always be my fav.

  2. Lady Banana

    I was so against getting a Kindle for a long time, but since I’ve had it I’ve not looked back.

    I’ve read a lot more since having it as it’s so convenient to pop into almost any sized handbag!

    Don’t know if you know about this site:

    It lists free books, price reduced books and you can add books which are a little high priced (as they often are when new) and it will inform you when the price drops!

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