A Result….

Last week much to my delight I had a massage booking from my advert in the local parish magazine.

My client was so pleased with the massage that she re-booked me for today as well.

The lady concerned has had her ankle in plaster for 10 weeks.untitled2

To get around she has been using a Zimmer frame and crutches, which had given her a sore back and shoulders.

So my job was to give her a back massage which would hopefully ease the tension, much to my delight I did a great job and it worked a treat.

She was very happy, which made me very happy.

So if your suffering with a sore back and shoulders, having a regular massage does help and if your house bound don’t forget I can always visit your home.

Some of my other clients are Gardeners, Builders, or play squash, or even a musical instrument and they all benefit from a regular massage.

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7 thoughts on “A Result….

  1. sally

    May be I should do a massage tour and come and visit you all……

    Geoff….. Maybe thats one thing you have hopefully missed … your weekly massage πŸ™‚

  2. devonshire dumpling

    “In the comfort and privacy of your own home?” Oh, that’s ok then – if you leave home about 4am you should arrive here about 2pm, and I’ll even give you lunch.

  3. Geoff

    Wow, what a list of happy clients,. Don’t forget us “jubilados” the rather nice expression for retirees in Spanish πŸ™‚

  4. CherryPie

    Let my know the next time you visit Shropshire! It is very good walking country πŸ˜‰

  5. sally

    Reluctant Blogger… I used to get lots of calls and emails from guys wanting a “different service” the first time it happened it scared me to death πŸ™‚ but i learnt how to deal with it and now hardly get any of them kind of calls. Sorry to hear about your back i wish I was closer to you aswell ..maybe you could have a massage on picnic day πŸ™‚

  6. Reluctant Blogger

    Sounds like just what I need. I wish you weren’t so far away.

    If my back is still bugging me when you get back from Peru I will come over and you can do your stuff on me. I’m sure the benefits will outweigh the disadvantage of driving.

    I was interested to see from your advert “for relaxation and general well-being only”. Do you get callers interested in different services? That must be rather scary. Have you ever had any bad experiences with people who have booked you? I had not thought of that before. I hope not.

    I wish you were in Norwich because my back is sore again tonight (tried to do too much today) and a massage would be wonderful. :o(

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