Great Feedback…

From two of my new Swedish body massage clients….


"Thanks for the treatment _ i really enjoyed it and I have to say I have a bit of a dodgy left knee and it feels so much better now – It felt great straight afterwards but is still so much better than before- You will definitely see me again before too long".


"Thanks for a great massage, I felt relaxed for quite a few days after until the tension finally crept back in.  Unfortunately i am working again all this week but it looks like I have next wed (5th) off so would like to book in for another."

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9 thoughts on “Great Feedback…

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  2. Geoff

    Lady Banana drop Sally a line – would be good to meet up with you sometime & who knows you may get an Indian head Massage 🙂 I can thoroughly recommend them and the Swedish Massages too 🙂 🙂

  3. Helena

    Hullo! I can’t get in to leave a comment on the Secret Santa post, so thought I’d drop a note in here (by the way, I could do with a massage -on my shoulder- I have a knot as big as a large egg!) (No exagerating!)

    Glad you have enjoyed the Xmas swap 🙂

    They are beginning to arrive and it is really exciting for me to see them all. I’m hoping to start sending them out at the end of next week!


  4. Lady Banana

    Oh how lovely to get feedback like that, makes it all worthwhile.

    After all my recent events I could do with a massage..

  5. onethoughtfulwoman

    That is fabulous Sally. So pleased for you. Shows your hard work and effort, training is paying off well and I don’t mean from a financial front either:though if it is, that is good too.

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