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A party with a theme…..

Yesterday I was in Cambridge to do some massage work.

I went to the solicitors Birketts where over 50 ladies gathered together for Christmas drinks.

The theme of the party was Shoes….  basically they had to turn up wearing their posh shoes.

I was there to give foot massages to their aching feet.

The party went well and the some of the shoes were out of this world.

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The perfect Christmas Gift…

Recently a local business man contacted me,to inquire about some massage gift vouchers.

Basically it works like this….he pays for a massage I send him a voucher, which he then gives to someone for a Christmas gift.

They then make an appointment with me and has a massage in the comfort of their own home, that is already paid for. untitled2

Now what better Christmas gift is there, it needs no looking after , no dusting,takes up no room and is pure pleasure.

Perfect as a gift for a couple that has every thing.

So if you live in the Downham market/Kings Lynn area and are looking for that perfect Christmas gift look no further……… I also work in Cambridge/Huntington Area at weekends

Ring or E-mail me for A Christmas massage gift voucher.


Great Feedback…

From two of my new Swedish body massage clients….


"Thanks for the treatment _ i really enjoyed it and I have to say I have a bit of a dodgy left knee and it feels so much better now – It felt great straight afterwards but is still so much better than before- You will definitely see me again before too long".


"Thanks for a great massage, I felt relaxed for quite a few days after until the tension finally crept back in.  Unfortunately i am working again all this week but it looks like I have next wed (5th) off so would like to book in for another."

Ten reasons to have a Massage.

I’m a firm believer that  a regular massage can have a very positive effect on your health.

1) Massage relieves stress, anxiety and muscular tension and pain.

2) Massage improves the circulation of blood, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the different organs, systems and tissues

3) Massage stimulates the circulation of the lymphatic system- thus helping to untitled2release toxins (remember to drink plenty of water after a massage!)

4) Massage can help lower blood pressure

5) Massage enhances flexibility, mobility and joint range of motion

6) Massage reduces scars and adhesions

7) Massage boosts the immune system

8) Massage reduces fatigue (emotional and physical)

9) Massage can relieve depression

10) Massage helps with pain management in cases such as arthritis and sciatica

You only have one body so look after it 🙂


Relaxing home massage’s in Kings Lynn

This week has been the best week so far for my Swedish body massage business.

My aim has always been to try and get five bookings a month.

This week I am delighted to have achieved my goal by having six bookings in one week.

I visited three clients in their own homes near Kings Lynn,taking my portable massage table and  relaxing music with me.

The other three clients came to my home for their massage.

The hard thing is getting clients to re-book on the night, most come back ,but not till they are ready.

All my clients have found me through my Swedish massage page on my web site.


Great new cards I have for my Swedish body massage business  BUT they got home phone number wrong its 01553 not 01556