No Comparison

An interesting read about massage can be found over at Ben Casnocha.
His experience can not compare with the great professional service you get if you book a massage with me.
So here are 3 reasons why you should book a massage with me…..

  • “Four of us (three guys, one girl) are put in one room, three in the other. We are given shorts and a shirt to change in to, instead of a robe. There is no locker room or privacy barriers. Nor New Age music playing in the background. Nor even four beds; only one bed and three futons on the ground.”
    With a sallyinnorfolk massage I visit you in the comfort and privacy of your own home šŸ™‚
  • “I start by lying on my stomach. On a fucking futon. There is no hole near the top through which to stick my head, as is usually the case with bed massages, so my face and nose are jammed into the mattress”
    With a sallyinnorfolk massage only the best massage table is used with a face hole giving total comfort and support.
  • ” At first it’s the usual Swedish shtick, but it takes only a few minutes to discover the Chinese way is different. No pain, no gain. If I spoke Chinese I would yell out for her to stop or ease up on the pressure on my back, but I’m a simple English speaker, and my face is stuffed into the futon anyway.
    AƂĀ  sallyinnorfolk massage is a Swedish massage , long gentle flowing strokes,totally relaxing with no pain.

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2 thoughts on “No Comparison

  1. weesally

    Wow what a strange experience indeed. I always feel kinda sick when I read the bad experiences people have with massage. I know I shouldnt but for some reason feel it is a reflection on me. However I do know it gives me a way to remember “what not to do” in my Business.

    Everyone should book a massage with sallyinnorfolk šŸ™‚

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