College homework was to design our own Indian head massage leaflet.

Not so much of a panic this year as I have the experience I gained last year.

This time though instead of just doing it in a two way fold,I wanted a three way fold.

Thanks to Geoff who helped do the template ( and from his sick bed too ) I managed to get just what i wanted 🙂

22-09-2008 18;13;59

22-09-2008 18;11;06

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6 thoughts on “Progress…

  1. Dragonstar

    That looks really good – very professional. Your rates seem reasonable, too, and providing a home-visit service must be a selling point.
    I like the three-way fold.

  2. sally

    wow thanks Pandammonium, its all corrected now and reprinted, its meant to say “avoid alcohol for at least 5 hours before a treatment “

  3. pandammonium

    Looks great, Sally – the three-way fold is the way to go for leaflets, I think. But is it too late to point out the unfinished sentence at the end of the side effects section?

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