Case studies…

My Indian head massage course at the college in Kings Lynn is going well.

I am really enjoying the massage but the course is not so nice as the Swedish body massage course.

In my opinion it needs to be a longer course which would make it more relaxing and enjoyable.head

I feel everything is done in a rush….. which does not suit my character.

We have now started on our 3 case studies…. of course I used Geoff for one and he gave me some great feed back.

Next we had to pick someone from our class, I picked sally a girl I have worked with many times and who also did the body massage course with me.

After Christmas we have to do our last case study and hopefully I have someone lined up ready to do that.

I know the routine well, now I just have to slow it down and get the timing just right.

At this time of year I get very stressed but tonight’s massage has left me feeling very relaxed. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Case studies…

  1. Helena

    Hullo!!! I could do with a massage! We were in Norwich last weekend and we’re going back there on Saturday for the Christmas Fayre in the Cathedral- maybe we could meet up and you could get this crick out of my neck! LOL!

    BTW, I’ve posted photo’s of all the Secret Santa cards today 🙂 and they’re all in the mail.


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