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More news from Corsica

Not sure I should be reading all of this but then I did ask for the information in the first place.

This is what campers 185 has to say about his trip and more here.

Glad to say I will be traveling much lighter than he was.

He was carrying 28kg, my ruc-sac will weigh no more than 12kg

we are not taking any cooking stuff, intending to eat at the refuges, and just carry a few days spare food for emergency’s.

We cannot make our minds up about taking the tent , after reading this Geoff will probably decide not to take it.

Must say that bridge looks well scary…..

16 days and counting…. 🙂

Mother and son bonding….

My youngest son is away visiting his Dad, went for a few days but has not come home yet so must be having a good time!!!

So the house is quiet, peaceful and I am not really sure what to do with myself.

My eldest son had a great idea.

While he was out shopping he saw something he thought I would just love.

Apparently I watched an episode of Prison Break with him a long time ago and really enjoyed it.

So he got the whole first series on DVD and we have to watch them together. That’s a whole 22 episodes.

Now for someone who never watches TV , falls asleep at the cinema, this could prove to be a hard task.

3 episodes down 19 to go !!!

Sad news from Corsica…

Had two e-mails today, regarding my trip to Corsica.

One from Marek who has the Corsica a for hikers web site.

The other from Judy Armstrong , nice to think she had time to mail me while on her alpine challenge trip

Nice to know people are thinking about me too  🙂

Sad to hear that 3 people have been killed in Corsica, two on the mountains the third by the sea.

So glad that we are not going for another 18 days, as at one point we did think about going at the beginning of June.

Lets hope the weather has improved by the 15th of June.

A big mistake……

A few weeks ago I canceled my gym membership.

Something I dreaded doing.

First time in 15 years that I’ve not been a member of a gym, but I needed to cut back on my spending, so the gym had to go.

Since I canceled it ive been having withdrawal symptoms and I am now desperate to go do some exercise..

I thought I would go swimming after work but the pool is not open for public swimming at that time 🙁 and the other pool is a good 9 miles away so driving there wont help save me money 🙁

Just another draw back of being stuck out here in a village.

I have been trying not to go jogging as I was getting too many aches and pains but tonight I must give in and go even if it is throwing it down with rain.

Maybe I will have to see about joining my little gym again just to use the pool….. because I will go mad if I cannot get out and exercise.

Moan over now…. 🙂

Better than Tupperware…..

Every Girl that lives on her own would love to know Cindi Dugger.

Cindi Dugger wears pink, loves jewelry and admits to being a bit “girlie,” but she’s not afraid to fix a broken toilet, repair damaged drywall or lay tiles.

Dugger just celebrated her first year as a sales consultant for Tomboy Tools, which sells ergonomically designed tools marketed to women. Tomboy Tools was started in 2000 by three friends in Denver, Colo. The company has grown to more than 1,000 sales consultants across the United States and Canada

The tools, made for a woman’s hands, are smaller than the standard varieties, Dugger said. The idea is to get tools in women’s hands that they will actually use and that make sense to them. Some of the company’s tools feature a tape measure with measurements of every one-eighth inch labeled, a lightweight compressor that can be picked up with one hand, and a utility knife with an easy-turning adjuster, so no screwdriver is needed to change the blade.

Tomboy Tools is based around home party sales that Dugger said allow her to not only get the tools into women’s hands, but also to teach some basic home repair lessons.

“I bring in a miniature toilet display, and I can teach them about basic plumbing,” Dugger said. “We can show basic drywall repair, and I’ve even done some simple upholstery. It’s very empowering for women to learn how to do that. They pick up the tools and say, ‘I can do this.'”

I always have alot of DIY jobs that need doing and although I try my best can never do them , like most single girls with no family around I end up having to pay someone to do them or the jobs just dont get done…

I wonder how well Tomboy Tools would take off in England ????

A lucky escape….

In Cambridge this week-end, where else would you exGeoff swimmingpect me to be  🙂

Woke to a damp and drizzly day,but that was not going to stop Geoff going off to Jesus Green for his daily 10 length swim

Unfortunately once again I had forgot to pack my swimming costume….

I may be going shopping later to buy one  🙂

Eating humble pie…..

When it was suggested I use walking poles for my GR20 trip, I was dead against the idea.

I did a lot of research into using them and it all pointed to using 2 poles.

But still I could not imagine they would make it any easier, I felt I would hate not having my hands free for balance.

When I saw some trekking poles in Aldi I decided to buy them , thinking I would hate them, but at least I could try them with out spending a lot of money.

Now I have to confess …….. I tried them out in the Alps over the week-end and thought they were brilliant , got on far better with them than I ever imagined I would.

Made going up the mountains and down far easier and I had no aches at all.

But I still sweated like a pig… 🙂 🙂

Boots v lightweight shoes

Some thing I have learnt from my training week-ends, is how important it is to look after your feet.

I sweat a lot and my feet get very hot and sweaty.

So sweaty that I have started to change my socks half way through the day, this is certainly very good for me.

Maybe I should be walking in lightweight shoes, the most talked about ones being the Inovate Roclite 315.

Rose from backpacking light phoned me today to see how I got on with my x-socks, we chatted about boots and lightweight shoes.

Maybe next time I need boots I will try these shoes but for now I will have to stick to what I have …if only you could try these things before you buy……