Boots v lightweight shoes

Some thing I have learnt from my training week-ends, is how important it is to look after your feet.

I sweat a lot and my feet get very hot and sweaty.

So sweaty that I have started to change my socks half way through the day, this is certainly very good for me.

Maybe I should be walking in lightweight shoes, the most talked about ones being the Inovate Roclite 315.

Rose from backpacking light phoned me today to see how I got on with my x-socks, we chatted about boots and lightweight shoes.

Maybe next time I need boots I will try these shoes but for now I will have to stick to what I have …if only you could try these things before you buy……

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7 thoughts on “Boots v lightweight shoes


    I’m not in your category of walking, but I use a New Balance DMS. Interesting read !

  2. Philip

    Clarks Active Air are so very comfortable and you can wear nature’s socks! And th staff in the shop are helpful, except for the hordes of kids on work experience who are tooooo frightened to even smile. I wanted an old model with magnetic clips in case they eased my creaking joints but they did not have the light blue colour left.
    I looked at a picture of you walking up a hill near Les Gets, you even had time to turn round and admire the view.

  3. Ellee

    My son David has a Saturday job in Clarke’s shoe shop and he says they often sell out of the deororising shoe spray.

    Feet are precious and we must look after them. I’ve got two weird black toenails at the moment from all my trekking and they keep dropping off. Sorry, hope that isn’t too much detail.

  4. Weird Darren

    I used the roclite 315’s for my cut short stint up in Scotland with X-Socks and they were great. I was getting wet feet, but not a blister in sight. The roclites and X-Socks dried quickly just as intended.
    But I find that if you are going to use trail shoes, then you have to look at the weight you are carrying. If carrying a “traditional” load then boots may be a better option as your ankles may need more support. But there are lightweight boots around as well which may be an option for you.
    I’ve been using trail/approach shoes instead of boots for about three years now. And as with boots the fit is probably the most important thing.
    Did you use those foot creams and balms that sell? I and others find that they help a lot.

  5. lady macleod

    You are so right, if the feet hurt everything goes buggered. Have you tried Smart Wool socks? They are fabulous. I started using them a few years ago and now I don’t wear anything else. I switched to the light shoes and the heavier shoes rather than boots for everything not over 4267 meters. Merrel makes a very good heavier shoe for trekking.

    I took the dinner out calculation. What a hoot! I am going to have Q take it today.

    thank you very much for your kind words yesterday. I appreciate it.

  6. Welshcakes Limoncello

    Yes, these are definitely items we need to try first – if only we could give them a good trial! Here in summer you can feel your shoes melting beneath you as you walk sometimes. I use loads of surgical spirit on my feet in summer!

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