Better than Tupperware…..

Every Girl that lives on her own would love to know Cindi Dugger.

Cindi Dugger wears pink, loves jewelry and admits to being a bit “girlie,” but she’s not afraid to fix a broken toilet, repair damaged drywall or lay tiles.

Dugger just celebrated her first year as a sales consultant for Tomboy Tools, which sells ergonomically designed tools marketed to women. Tomboy Tools was started in 2000 by three friends in Denver, Colo. The company has grown to more than 1,000 sales consultants across the United States and Canada

The tools, made for a woman’s hands, are smaller than the standard varieties, Dugger said. The idea is to get tools in women’s hands that they will actually use and that make sense to them. Some of the company’s tools feature a tape measure with measurements of every one-eighth inch labeled, a lightweight compressor that can be picked up with one hand, and a utility knife with an easy-turning adjuster, so no screwdriver is needed to change the blade.

Tomboy Tools is based around home party sales that Dugger said allow her to not only get the tools into women’s hands, but also to teach some basic home repair lessons.

“I bring in a miniature toilet display, and I can teach them about basic plumbing,” Dugger said. “We can show basic drywall repair, and I’ve even done some simple upholstery. It’s very empowering for women to learn how to do that. They pick up the tools and say, ‘I can do this.'”

I always have alot of DIY jobs that need doing and although I try my best can never do them , like most single girls with no family around I end up having to pay someone to do them or the jobs just dont get done…

I wonder how well Tomboy Tools would take off in England ????

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7 thoughts on “Better than Tupperware…..

  1. Liz

    B&Q has a Ladies Club, where it seems from the advert that a butch man teaches you how to do … things that men do.

    I am totally useless and rely utterly on Husband. Maybe I should join the Club … then again, why keep a bird and sing yourself? (Is that right?)

  2. Elaine

    Tomboy Tools is already in UK – my friend Sandy is one of their agents…..she’s busy organising parties in the South of England

  3. sally

    yep welshcakes I hate these independent women too , they have no idea how hard it is when you don’t have someone around to help you.
    I hate asking too so it takes a lot for me to ask for help and then I will only ask once.

  4. Welshcakes Limoncello

    I’m with you here, Sally! I can’t stand so-called “independent” women who have a man around to do these jobs for them. They can’t imagine what it’s like not to be able to say, “Please help me with this”. I admire the idea your friend has but I think I would still be too daft to use these tools!

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