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30 days to go….

Today I had my appointment with the nurse,to get my injections for my Peru trip.

Hepatitis A and Typhoid in one arm

Diphtheria and Tetanus in the other arm.

Result two very heavy achy arms πŸ™

I was also told to be very careful with the drinking water in Peru but as this had arrived in the post this morning

water filter

I don’t really need to worry at all πŸ™‚

My Longest Journey…

On June 13th 2009 I will make the longest Journey of my life.

I will fly from Heathrow to Lima in Peru.

That’s a 14hour flight all on my own and I have never even been to Heathrow Aiimagerport.

The reason for this trip Is to meet up with Geoff and spend two weeks in Peru which will include walking the Inca Trail.

Once I have met up with Geoff in Lima we will make our way to Cuzco to meet up with Emily, who is doing some voluntary work there from April 1st.

Now you will be wondering where Geoff is off too.

Well on April 7th he is off on a three month trip which will include going to Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands before he finally meets me in Lima.

My emotions about this trip are all over the place, excited, scared , amazed,shocked,and also sad, sad at the thought of Geoff being away for 3 whole months.

Most of all I am very excited as I know this will be the most amazing trip for both of us.

Once he returns from Les Gets we have 2 months to get the trip planned , which will be a very exciting time.

Up date on route for West Highland Way

Day 1…. Milngavie to Drymen….. 12 miles.

Day 2…. Drymen to Rowadennan…. 15 miles

Day 3….Rowardennan to Inverarnan…. 14 miles

Day 4….Inverarnan to Bridge of Orchy ….19 miles

Day 5….Bridge of Orchy to Kinlocleven ….21 miles

Day 6…Kinlocleven to Fort William….. 14 miles

Day 7 and 8 in Fort william  where the plan is to do Ben Nevis.

All accommodation now booked so just need some long training walks and trips to the gym to make sure I am fit and ready.

Although I have lived in Scotland and my eldest son was born in Inverness I have never walked in Scotland.

Walking in Scotland has been a dream of mine for many many years so you can imagine how excited I am about this trip πŸ™‚

Plan so Far……

Geoff and I booked our Train tickets yesterday for Fort William.

We Travel up to Glasgow on Sat 26th April, then will walk the West highland way to Fort William.

Hope to bag Ben Nevis  on the way then travel home on the 5th may.

So the plan so far is…..

Sun 27th April walk to Drymen 12 miles

Mon 28th April walk to Rowardennan 15 miles

Tues 29th April walk to Inverarnan 14 miles

Wed 30th April walk to Bridge of Orchy 19 miles

Thurs 1st may walk to Kingshouse 12 miles

Friday 2nd May walk to Kinloclleven 9 miles

Sat 3rd May  walk to Nevis Bridge 14 miles

Sun 4th May bag Ben Nevis  then stay in fort William ready for train home Monday morning.

I am sure these plans will change once I start trying to book the accommodation, which I expect is not going to be an easy task !

Plans so far…..

Only a few days now till Geoff and I go off to Corsica, where we hope to walk down the spine of Corsica , a walk known as the GR20. 1244_gr20-map

We are walking it north to south,doing the hardest days walking in the first half.

We fly out of Stansted to Nice very early on Saturday morning,Going to spend the day in Nice before catching the high speed ferry over to Calvi at 17.45. Its a three hour trip so should get there around 20.45.

We are booked into the hotel Monte Grosso in Calenzana for the Saturday night, a good nights sleep before starting the walk on the sunday.

We have also booked into the hotel Le Chalet,in Haut Asco on the 19th, our third walking day and the night before the Cirque de la solitude.The day that most walkers dread !!!

The idea is to keep my ruc-sac as light as possible…no luxuries on this trip.

More news from Corsica

Not sure I should be reading all of this but then I did ask for the information in the first place.

This is what campers 185 has to say about his trip and more here.

Glad to say I will be traveling much lighter than he was.

He was carrying 28kg, my ruc-sac will weigh no more than 12kg

we are not taking any cooking stuff, intending to eat at the refuges, and just carry a few days spare food for emergency’s.

We cannot make our minds up about taking the tent , after reading this Geoff will probably decide not to take it.

Must say that bridge looks well scary…..

16 days and counting…. πŸ™‚

Sad news from Corsica…

Had two e-mails today, regarding my trip to Corsica.

One from Marek who has the Corsica a for hikers web site.

The other from Judy Armstrong , nice to think she had time to mail me while on her alpine challenge trip

Nice to know people are thinking about me too  πŸ™‚

Sad to hear that 3 people have been killed in Corsica, two on the mountains the third by the sea.

So glad that we are not going for another 18 days, as at one point we did think about going at the beginning of June.

Lets hope the weather has improved by the 15th of June.

A training week-end ahead……

Got my train ticket , just got to pack, then tomorrow Geoff and I are off to Les Gets again for another training week-end.

Will be the last chance we get to train in the mountains before our Corsica trip.

Not sure what Geoff has in store for me this time but I will find out soon enough.

With my new Air force one socks foot cream and refreshing foot balm all from backpacking light. My feet have never felt better .

So here’s to a good three days walking in the mountains, with lots of photo’s to look forward too…….