A big mistake……

A few weeks ago I canceled my gym membership.

Something I dreaded doing.

First time in 15 years that I’ve not been a member of a gym, but I needed to cut back on my spending, so the gym had to go.

Since I canceled it ive been having withdrawal symptoms and I am now desperate to go do some exercise..

I thought I would go swimming after work but the pool is not open for public swimming at that time 🙁 and the other pool is a good 9 miles away so driving there wont help save me money 🙁

Just another draw back of being stuck out here in a village.

I have been trying not to go jogging as I was getting too many aches and pains but tonight I must give in and go even if it is throwing it down with rain.

Maybe I will have to see about joining my little gym again just to use the pool….. because I will go mad if I cannot get out and exercise.

Moan over now…. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A big mistake……

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  2. sally

    Hi lady m, Thanks for the recommendation, I have lots of exercise Dvd’s but they are all old and not the same as escaping to the gym or pool.
    I also have a thigh trainer which is very good and hard work I will have to get my mind into it and start using that while listening to DiFm radio which i love… and stop sulking because I’ve had to cancel my gym memebership .

  3. lady macleod

    I too am having the need for productive sweat! I have not been able to find a gym on this side of town, well one that is workable. I can’t run, because in order to do so I would need to wear long pants and it is too hot for that. I think I must see what’s available cross town though I dislike spending a long time to and fro.

    I will tell you I brought with me a really excellent DVD to my mind – David Kirsch’s Body Plan. It is a vigorous workout and you only need one of the exercise balls and a couple of hand weights. I really recommend it.

  4. Ellee

    I understand because I have been in the same boat. I could only give up my gym if it meant I couldn’t put food on my sons’ plate. It’s my little retreat and I really enjoy it. I think you will maybe be tempted to re-start after your trip. I know what you mean about withdrawal symptoms.

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