Evans Ride it Cambridge Sportive

Back in June over the summer solstice weekend I enjoyed 2 fabulous rides, on the Saturday it was back to Rutland with Gina to join SWNC to do the Rutland Alps ,this time in lovely warm sunshine, it certainly was no easier second time around but it was great fun and well enjoyed. I even managed to enjoy an after ride meal at the pub, which was a great ending to the day :-)

Rutland revisited

Then it was off to Peterborough train station to pick Geoff and his bike up and head off to Nottingham to do The Great Notts Bike Ride on the Sunday. Another fabulous 50 mile route in lovely hot sunshine , it was a massive ride and the atmosphere was fantastic, we didn’t realise you had to buy the food at the feed stations but luckily Geoff’s son and family were meeting and greeting us at the feed stations and as we always carry food we didn’t go hungry !!


Over the next few weekends we did a couple of 100 mile rides,one to visit my mum and Dad, where we ended up pushing our bikes through 2 fields of foot high grass,always an adventure with Geoff :-)  We also rode the Tour de France route from Cambridge to London, a great ride even though the bit through busy London scared me to death !!!


Then we thought it was time to do another sportive  so the Evans Ride it Cambridge sportive was booked.

The ride didn’t start as planned as my friend Gina was too ill to join us, which was a shame as she would have loved this rolling route, starting from The Wimpole Estate.


Having decided on the 90 mile ride and expecting a warm day we arrived nice and early and was in fact the first riders over the start line,right from the word go you could see this was going to be a very well organised sportive and we were not disappointed.

The route which was very clearly and well sign posted took us through pretty villages on quiet roads. All 3 feed stations were excellent, well spaced out at 25, 49 and 75 miles and very well stocked with cake, flapjacks, nuts, jelly beans, energy bars, gels and drinks.

The big mistake I made was eating at the 2nd feed station as I then spent the next 15 miles feeling sick !!! at the 3rd feed station I just had an energy gel and then felt I could fly home!!!


So the results were 90 miles on a sweltering day done in a moving time time of 5hrs 52, which I was happy with especially as I had ran 9 miles the day before.

This weekend we have a nice 85 mile group ride, Flat out in the Fens  lets hope its not windy !!!!

Biking in Port Pollenca

We had hired our bikes for 3 days biking.

I woke very excited although a strange bike to ride up a big hill left me feeling slightly nervous too !!

After a quick spin round the town  we were off to the light house.

IMG_2867A totally amazing ride with the most fantastic views,half way up we stopped at the view point at ‘Mirador de Sa Creueta’ where you can see the ‘El Colomer’ rock protrude from the water. This climb can be challenging at a few points but we made it without stopping.

Then off to the light house where the road becomes rough and bumpy making it quite an uncomfortable ride but its well worth it just for the views and the amazing climb.

I found the ride down far worse than the climb up, it was fast bendy and there were far too many cars/buses on the road for my liking, in fact the view point was totally blocked with buses totally mayhem !! but we managed to squeeze through on our bikes.

A ride to remember forever :-)

In the afternoon we biked to Pollenca, on lovely quiet country roads, to rescue my phone charger, which I left behind the day before.

A flat days riding then followed, visiting some of the nearby towns,out as far as Inca, we especially liked Alcudia and the coast road,where we bumped into some kite surfers amazingly from Hunstanton.IMG_2886

On our last day we decided on another climb, back up to Lluc Monastery this was a tough never ending climb which I enjoyed so much , and the down was amazing as it was a smooth road, not too busy with very few bends :-)

A total of 140 miles biked in 3 days thanks to Caroline at 2GoCycling  for being so helpful and making it possible

One thing you have to remember about riding in Mallorca  there are no hills  just lovely long climbs :-)

Puig de Maria and Port de Pollenca

A lovely lazy start to the day up at 8am packed our bags and breakfast at 9 am out in the sunshine

1-IMG_2801Then it was off for a stroll up Puig de Maria a small but distinctive hill with a chapel on the top.

Our Paddy Dillon book says bar and restaurant services are available at the top but don’t believe it !!

From the sign it said an hour to the top but we did it in 30 mins though I sweated a lot !!

Back at the bottom I had a coke and ice cream then we set off walking to Port de Pollenca.

As soon as we crossed the highway things changed, no longer was there walking routes and signs it had all become biking routes and signs.

No more walkers were seen just bikers and they were far more friendlier than the walkers we had met.

Once in the port which is very different to old town Pollenca we were drawn to the bike shops.

Pro cycling was too pro for our liking or maybe we weren’t pro enough for them !! so we ended up at 2gocycling and I now have a carbon bike and all the kit for 3 days :-)

Tomorrow we are biking to the light house, I am told it’s not far but no one will say how bad the hills are … They just smile !!! and then I have to bike back to Pollenca to collect my phone charger :-(

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Location:Calle de Nanses,Port de Pollença,Spain

Lluc to Pollenca

This morning we were ready to leave Lluc,you can only stay so long in a dark room !!

The book said this would be an easy but long walk,and a pleasant change from Rocky Mountain trails

As we had already walked to Binifaldo along the GR 221 we took another route out of Lluc which re-joined the GR 221 again at Binifaldo.

Then the trail went along the Cami Vell or old road, which has been adopted as part of the GR 221

As promised it was easy walking along wide tracks and cobbled paths through woodland and all down hill.

What made it seem long was the road walking into Pollenca , personally I prefer Rocky Mountain trails !

1-IMG_2779 Today was the last stage of the GR 221 so what to do now ?? well tomorrow we shall walk up Puig de Maria the hill we can see from our room then it’s on to Port Pollenca for our final 4 nights

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Location:Calle del Doctor Fàbregues,Pollença,Spain

Circuit of Puig Roig from Lluc

Puig Roig is the lowest and most northerly of the 1000m summits of Mallorca but also one of the most attractive.

This was a B+ walk from the Paddy Dillion book with a recommended starting point at Mossa gate some 4 miles from Lluc.

It recommends you walk in an anti clockwise direction but to be different we decided to start from Lluc in a clockwise direction.

This way took us down hill into the valley first before becoming  a classic circular walk around the mountain with excellent views round every corner.

The route also passes the interesting old cave houses of Es Cosconar built under overhanging rocks and still in occasional use

Amazingly the book says you can only do this walk on a Sunday as land owners will only allow you through on that day, we did come across signs saying walkers only allowed on Sundays !!

Geoff Jones & Sally Kelly The path around Puig Roig was on a narrow ledge at times giving great views of the coast, we met many other walkers but all going in the opposite direction to us, we did wonder if we would find out why at some point !!

But all went well and we arrived at Mossa quicker than expected then took yesterday’s route back to Lluc

The hardest part was When Geoff had me climbing over a 6 ft gate to avoid some road walking.

Stupidly I have got myself very sunburnt today in the deceiving mountain wind …

If coming to Lluc its definitely worth staying to do this walk as it has the WOW factor But remember to make sure your here on a Sunday, I am so glad we were !!

Tomorrow we walk to Pollencia on the GR221 :-)

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A walk from Lluc

This morning we woke in our “cell” at the Lluc monastery after a a fab 9 hour sleep.

1-IMG_2594The sun was shining and everything looked a little brighter, we went to our friendly restaurant for breakfast, sat out in the sun and relaxed while writing blog posts and pinching a little of their appalling slow internet ( things to be grateful for at home )

Around midday we decided it was time to go for a walk. I opted for two walks into one from the Paddy Dillion book, walking up to Binifaldo and back via Pixarells looking for Es Camell

We went up by the Refugi de Son Amer a good looking Refugi that was actually open, the walk was on good easy tracks with some ups and downs but nothing steep.

From Col Pelet we missed the turn off for the summit to Sa Moleta de Binifaldo :-( so carried on to Binifaldo along the GR221.

We then picked up the path to take us to Es Camell .The walking route was easy and pleasant as it twists and turns thorough amazing rock formations until you finally come to the rock that looks like a Camel !!

Then we descended the valley crossed a footbridge to reach a foot ball pitch and back into Lluc for our Sangria :-)

Once again we have found the open street maps to be of great help as the book descriptions are way out of date, we met an Irish couple today who had lost their way due to the lack of signposts.

Tomorrow we hope to walk the Circuit of Puig Roig :-)

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Cuber to Lluc

A very interesting start to the day when we joined a mass of people queuing for the bus to Lluc.

Luckily Geoff is a pusher and we managed to get on but many people were left behind and no one could get on at Soller.

Apparently it’s like that every morning so why there is only one bus I really don’t know :-(

We got off the bus at Cuber where we finished yesterday’s walk, along with a huge group of other walkers but thankfully most were walking back to Soller

It was an easy start to the walk today but soon we were heading up along stoney mountain paths made more difficult today as carrying full bags.


By the time we reached the Col des Prart the weather had become dull and cloudy making it feel cold, once over the col we meandered round the mountain giving us more fantastic rugged views before heading up to another Col and starting the descent into Lluc

It was a long descent on very rocky paths before turning into a wide track through a forest, we met many walkers today most seem to walk to Lluc then on to Pollencia or catch the bus back to Soller the following day.

We are staying in the converted monastery, an impressive building with a museum galley and shops. Our room was a cell so feels cold and dark :-(

The plan was to stay a few days before walking to Pollencia although we may change our plan as not sure what to make of the place at the moment !!

We did find a nice friendly restaurant open so enjoyed a good meal and white Rioja wine which was a first for me and very nice too.

And we shall see what tomorrow brings !!!

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Soller to Cuber

The temptation today was to go and conquer yesterday’s walk but due to torrential rain and thunderstorms during the night we had a change of plan.

Instead we caught the tram to Soller and decided to walk the GR221 up the Pilgrim Steps to Cúber

It was a 3275 feet climb,up a stone staircase, I was in heaven as I love walking up mountains especially on tracks that are signposted :-)

 Luckily the weather improved too and the sun came out making it another perfect walk through rugged mountain terrain.

It would have been a 3 hour wait for a bus back to Port de Soller but just as we arrived someone was being dropped off by a taxi so we hopped in and 30 mins later we were  back in Port de Soller enjoying our Sangria.

Geoff’s pictures are here
Tomorrow we move on to the Sanctuary at Lluc, most people would get the bus there but we shall get the bus back to Cuber then walk to Lluc :-)

Staying at the monastery for 3 nights will be quite an experience I
Just hope they don’t expect me to take a vow of silence !!

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Location:Paseo Es Travès Marina,Sóller,Spain