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Hump Day

We all have a day in the week that we dislike, for most people its the Monday blues but for me its  Wednesday or Hump day, that I struggle with.

Screenshot 15:05:2013 23:05Then early this year I joined the Ladybird running club which meets on a Wednesday evening and it changed everything.

I love Wednesdays now and spend all day knowing that I shall be going out for a run with a great bunch of Girls 🙂

Today the cold, windy, wet, winter like weather had made me feel especially miserable but once I got out running all was forgotten and I came home feeling happy and full of the joys of spring 🙂

The runs are in many places that I have never been so I am collecting a few new running routes too, tonight we were at West Lynn and almost 6 miles of road running was achieved.

Now its all down hill to the weekend 🙂

ps Thursdays is one of my favourite days this could be as I am still high from running on wednesday nights 🙂



Park Run

I have known about the Park Runs for some time now,having a special interest in the Kings Lynn park run and the Cambridge park run.

Parkrun-logoThe problem is they involve doing 2 things I dont really enjoy, early morning running and a 3 lap route, but I knew when the time was right I would eventually do one.

So I set my alarm for 7.30am on Saturday and have to confess I did wonder what I was letting myself in for but I need not have worried as it was fabulous, fun and friendly,amazingly I knew quite a few of the runners too 🙂

All the time I was running I kept thinking how much harder it was running at 9am, then when I finished and got my time I realised it might have been harder as it was my best 5k time at 29.11, a time that I think will be hard for me to better!

I was very impressed with the organisation of the Kings Lynn parkrun and how quickly the results went up on the web site, its all run by volunteers and is totally free too.

Its going to be a while before I have the chance to do another parkrun but I will be back !!

What next !

Over the weekend I achieved the last challenge that I had set for myself while Geoff was away walking the South West Coast Path.

The first challenge was to run my 10km

The second was to do a good walk on my own, something I really thought I would hate but ended up loving 🙂

The third was to walk 26 miles, which actually turned out to be a 32 mile day, as Geoff enticed me into town with the promise of dinner, amazingly my legs felt ok this morning, my toes just had a few hot spots.

My Friend ,Gina also did the walk with me and she did amazingly well as it was her first real walk, when you walk and talk the time and miles just disappear !

 Fitbit says I did 67455 steps so I should get my 60,000 badge 🙂

Next its 11 days walking along the GR10 , in July,with Geoff and I can hardly wait 🙂

Chilford Hall Oxfam walk 26 miles at EveryTrail

(can you spot where we went wrong, too busy talking we missed a turning ! )

GEAR 10km Run 2012

5 weeks ago, after annoying an old achilles problem while out running, I really thought I would not be able to do the Gear 10km  run.

Waiting to start

I stopped running but carried on with my walking hoping that maybe this would keep me fit enough to run the 10km with no training.

My usual running distance is 4 miles, and last week I did a 4 mile run to see how I felt,the day after my achilles ached quite a bit and I was still unsure on what to do.

This morning I was up early rubbing Nurofen gel onto my achilles thinking I would just run it gentle and set a time for the next 10km.

It was perfect running conditions dry and cold 🙂


I expected a time of 66 mins (with training ) so imagine my delight when my actual time was 63 mins, and this was with no running for 4 weeks 🙂

Gear Medal

My achilles did ache but never got any worse !

I believe 2000 runners took part,its a great flat course and the crowd really cheered you on, just a shame my photographer is away walking the south west coast path , so I have no photos of me coming across the finish line 🙁

The official results are out and I came 1112 out 2000 which I think is very respectable 🙂

Now its on to the next Challenge which is a 26 mile walk in 2 weeks time 🙂

and I will be looking for another 10km to do later in the year !






For the past few months I have found every excuse I could think of to stop myself from signing up for a 10km run.

First it was the cost, then it was Geoff  would be away , then it was I would have no one to encourage me on the day and the list went on and on :-( and because of my dithering around I missed out on the 10km I originally wanted to do.

Then I realised if I didn’t act soon I was likely to miss out on the other 10km that I had my eye on, so I have now signed up for the GEAR 10km on May 6th.




This week I have also aggravated an old achilles problem 🙁 🙁  so there will be no running for me in the coming week !








Running Again !

A few months ago I was sulking, thinking my running days were over.

I rested then went on my 260 mile walk ( sorry but I still cannot believe we walked that far), walking that far gave me time to re-think my exercise routine.

The decision I made was to now concentrate on my running, walking and doing yoga at home.

I started with a few two and a half mile runs but today I increased the distance to five and a half miles.

It was made even more enjoyable because Geoff came with me too and the route along the River Cam is so beautiful in the morning sun.

Now I need to start on the Yogalates this week 🙂


First run of 2010

Even though the roads and pavements are still very icy and slippery in my village I just had to go for a run today.

Matthew came with me, because he thought it might be fun 🙂

After a light covering of snow , the path we took across the fields was beautiful, it was like running on cotton wool.

Unfortunately we had to shorten the run as the last stretch on the road was far too icy

So the GPS said 1.78 miles …. moving average 5.3 mph and moving time 20.06 lots of room for improvement but at least its a start.

( wont be downloading my GPS tracks as I dont have the patience to sit and try over and over again , just for it not to work )