For the past few months I have found every excuse I could think of to stop myself from signing up for a 10km run.

First it was the cost, then it was Geoff  would be away , then it was I would have no one to encourage me on the day and the list went on and on :-( and because of my dithering around I missed out on the 10km I originally wanted to do.

Then I realised if I didn’t act soon I was likely to miss out on the other 10km that I had my eye on, so I have now signed up for the GEAR 10km on May 6th.




This week I have also aggravated an old achilles problem 🙁 🙁  so there will be no running for me in the coming week !








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2 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. Lady Banana

    My daughter did a 10k run in Central London last summer. She trained by buying a pair of trainers and going for a run twice (yes, twice) before the event – nothing else.

    She completed the run in very good time, exactly what I don’t recall, but long before many others and she was still smiling.

    I guess some are just naturally fit – I think it would kill me! lol

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