What next !

Over the weekend I achieved the last challenge that I had set for myself while Geoff was away walking the South West Coast Path.

The first challenge was to run my 10km

The second was to do a good walk on my own, something I really thought I would hate but ended up loving 🙂

The third was to walk 26 miles, which actually turned out to be a 32 mile day, as Geoff enticed me into town with the promise of dinner, amazingly my legs felt ok this morning, my toes just had a few hot spots.

My Friend ,Gina also did the walk with me and she did amazingly well as it was her first real walk, when you walk and talk the time and miles just disappear !

 Fitbit says I did 67455 steps so I should get my 60,000 badge 🙂

Next its 11 days walking along the GR10 , in July,with Geoff and I can hardly wait 🙂

Chilford Hall Oxfam walk 26 miles at EveryTrail

(can you spot where we went wrong, too busy talking we missed a turning ! )

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3 thoughts on “What next !

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    Thanks for your kind words. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for encouraging me to do it and for being such good company all the way round. I thought it would be an ordeal but it was a fun way to spend a day.

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