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Another souvenier..

I just fell in love with these silver Inca men necklaces.
Eventually I gave in and bought one but I did a bit of haggling and got a good 20% off the asking price.
I also got some matching stud Earrings

Souvenirs from Peru.

I brought back many souvenirs, this is just one of them.
We loved all the wonderful bright Peruvian wall hangings.
I could of easily, had hundreds of them, all with different patterns and in all shapes and sizes.
But this is the one that now hangs in my Hall, thanks to Geoff.

Moray and Maras.

During our week in Cusco we did a couple of day treks.
Thinking it would be good training for the Inca Trail.
One of these Treks was to Moray and Maras in the Sacred Valley.
The Moray Inca Ruins were perfectly circular terraces so within each terrace, different things could be planted. It’s just a great sight to see, and the engineering behindร‚ย  it is really interesting. … These ruins also have tons of the Inca “flying stairs” which are fun to look at, but hard to walk down!

The Maras salt mines was definitely one of the more bizarre sights we saw on our trip to the Sacred Valley, a huge salt mine carved out of the hillside, with terrace after terrace of mini salt-lakes spread out in front of us.
As well as being a very interesting day it was a great days walk too.

La Paz and The Road of Death

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La Paz is the capital of Bolivia and also the highest city in the world.
The reason for going to La Paz was to do the Road of Death bike ride.
Although I found the street markets totally amazing I did not really like La Paz, I found it very dry and dusty.
We would have loved to have stayed longer though just to visit the salt flats but I am sure the cold would have killed us.>

The Bike ride down the Road of death was totally amazing.
We did it with vertigo biking , an excellent company who looked after us well and provided excellent equipment.
The ride is not as dangerous these days as there is no traffic on the road.
One false move though and could easily end up over the edge ๐Ÿ™‚

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia.
It 3,812 m (12,500 ft) above sea level, making it one of the higest navigable lakes in the world aswell as the largest in south America.
These islands are made from the totora reeds, and are the home of the Uros tribe.
We decided to stay the night on one of these Islands.
Our room was made from the reed aswell as our bed .
It was a very cold experience but wonderful to wake up to the glorious sun rise.

Click on the image for bigger pictures.

Amazing !!

I have so many wonderful photos from my holiday in Peru, it is hard to know what to do with them all.
They will all end up on Flickr eventually.
For now here are a few of Machu Picchu

Click on the image for a better picture ๐Ÿ™‚

Wayna Picchu.

One of the high lights of my holiday was climbing up Wayna Picchu at the end of the Inca trail.

It Rises over Machu Picchu.

The peak of Wayna Picchu is about 2,720 metres (8,900 ft) above sea level, or about 360 metres (1,200 ft) higher than Machu Picchu.

Very few people get the chance to do this as only 400 people a day are allowed on Wayna Picchu.

inca trail 002