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Geoff enjoying the view

Yesterday we did a mega day trek .

25km walked and reaching altitudes of 4300m.

Coming from the flatlands of norfolk this was an amazing trek for me.

Took some fantastic photos but you will have to wait to see them .

Our guide told us we could easily do the inca trail in 2 days and not the 4 day trek we are booked on .

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Inka Ruins

This afternoon we did the city tour round Cusco.

We  visited 4 Inka sites plus the cathedral.

The Inka sites were,Saqsayhuman,Q,enqo, Pucapucara,and Tambomachay.

Our guide was very good and gave us lots of information as well as pointing out many interesting things to us, like the snake that is part of the Inka wall.

Also the water from one of the springs that is meant to give you internal youth if you drink it and make you produce triplets too ,  needless to say I did not drink any 🙂

We even got to sit in the Inka kings throne.

At the end of the tour we visited an alpaca shop that showed us the difference between imitation alpaca , baby alpaca and full grown alpaca wool.

I could not resist buying myself a poncho made from baby Alpaca.

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I made It!

Yesterday I finally made it all the way to Lima on my own

I left Cambridge at 2.45am and arrived in Lima at around mid-night English time (6pm Lima time )

The journey was fantastic i hardly noticed it was a 12 hour flight from Madrid, and they fed you very well too.

The plane was huge and it was full with over 350 passengers, the guy I sat next too was Mexican and could not speak any English so I went 12 hours with out talking to anyone , and that was the hardest part 🙂

It was fantastic to see Geoff again who whisked me off to our hotel and gave me 20 mins to shower before taking me for a meal and to meet one of his fellow travellers.

The restaurant was a very posh one right inside the famous ruins called Huaca Pucllana in Lima, straight away I wished I had packed just one nice dress and not all travel clothes 🙁

Geoff said i should try a local Peruvian dish called Ceviche..which is raw fish marrinated in lemon juice .Well I tried it and it was disgusting,it was just like sucking a raw lemon its the first time ever that I have had to leave food. My mouth and tongue was numb from the lemon juice .Next time I will be trying the roasted baby Goat 🙂

This morning we are flying to Cusco in fact we are at the airport now , having muddled up our times we found ourselves here about 3 hours too early.

.I really must get myself a watch 🙂

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My instructions from Geoff are “ don’t bring much “ !!

So no girlie lotions or potions .. no sexy underwear  🙁packing 002

Just a couple of pairs of walking trousers.. a few t- shirts.. my thermals and the other usual bits and bobs.

Will sneak in my lip stick and my Red shoes 🙂

Before we do the Inca trail I will buy some Alpaca socks, a hat and gloves to keep me warm during the freezing cold nights.

Oooohhh  the excitement  is building  🙂