Moray and Maras.

During our week in Cusco we did a couple of day treks.
Thinking it would be good training for the Inca Trail.
One of these Treks was to Moray and Maras in the Sacred Valley.
The Moray Inca Ruins were perfectly circular terraces so within each terrace, different things could be planted. It’s just a great sight to see, and the engineering behind  it is really interesting. … These ruins also have tons of the Inca “flying stairs” which are fun to look at, but hard to walk down!

The Maras salt mines was definitely one of the more bizarre sights we saw on our trip to the Sacred Valley, a huge salt mine carved out of the hillside, with terrace after terrace of mini salt-lakes spread out in front of us.
As well as being a very interesting day it was a great days walk too.

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4 thoughts on “Moray and Maras.

  1. anne

    Hi Sally Love your slide show. Arni would of loved this, he loves archeolgy, and history. Anything to do with some sort of Engineering…..Mechanical or Mind!!

    The Salt Mines look amazing too. I did wonder what they were.

    Yes great for walks .. 🙂

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