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A double booking..

Tonight I did a home massage just outside Kings Lynn for a professional couple.grantchester walk 013

They also booked another one in four weeks time .

My relaxing massage music worked well from my phone with its speakers.

Just waiting for my new advertising Post Cards.

At last it feels like its all starting to come together……

Looking for that special gift…..

Last week Paul got in touch with me to see about booking a massage for his daughter.

It was her 23rd birthday and he wanted a special gift for her.image

We arranged for me to go on friday and it worked out well, she was delighted with her gift and really enjoyed the massage too.

I was intrigued to hear how he found out about me and what made him book me.

His answer was simple he had Googled Norfolk massage and found me at number 4.

He also liked that I clearly state that this is not an erotic massage and includes no extras so he thought I must be a genuine person. 🙂

On the plus side for me, I met a lovely family and once they return from holiday the mother and father say they will book to have a massage too 🙂

So anyone in the Kings Lynn or Downham Market area looking for that special treat for that special person why not book them a massage. I can assure you they will love it !!


I was so looking forward to going to college tonight.

To hand in my last bit of paper work, hoping it would be up to standard.

Thankfully it was, so that’s my portfolio all up to date and marked.

Just a matter of waiting for my certificate now 🙂

What I was really looking forward to was getting a massage…… but only 5 of us turned up for class.

2 still had to do assessments on clients the other 2 had already arranged to work on each other which left me as a spare part with nothing to do.

So I have come home sulking….  🙂 and wondering what on earth I will do with my Wednesdays nights from now on.

Drawing to a close….

I am just finishing my last piece of paperwork for my massage course.

Then its all done and dusted and just a matter of waiting for my certificate.

No clients at college this week, we are going to give each other a well deserved massage instead.

Following week we are going out for a drink then we don’t have to attend college again.

As for my own personal clients , well its slow going, they all enjoy the massage but don’t come back often enough.

I expect with the price of petrol, food and general living expenses reaching an all time high, personal treats are the first things we cut back on.

My most regular client lives in Cambridge ( no its not Geoff ) and I do hope that I will pick up a few more clients in Cambridge given time.

So anyone reading this who would like to book a massage my details are here…..

Six weeks….

Is all I have left at Kings Lynn college on my massage course.

I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone or how much I have enjoyed the course.

Its been great learning something new and even nicer to meet some new people.

I will miss my night out if I don’t go ahead and do another course.

On a sadder note its amazing just how many men do not understand what a Swedish body massage is…

They read my web page where its fully explained but still they ring and e-mail asking if I do EROTIC massages…..

Well the answer is NO I don’t !!

An unexpected treat…

A  teenager is allowed to change his mind… so today my son went for his army interview,all went well and now we have to wait for exam results to see if he can join as an engineer.

Then he will go to Pirbright for a fitness assessment and Harrogate in January 2009 maybe !!

keeping his options open we shall go to the local collage tomorrow who are having an open evening.

My other son is just about to apply for a job as a trainee labourer, which would suit him well.

With help from Geoff he has a great CV and written application waiting to be posted.

At college tonight we didn’t have enough clients and as I have finished my assessments it was only fair I let the others have first choice of the clients.

I got rewarded well …  a guy needed a client for his Reflexology assessment so I was that client.

It was a great experience and its amazing what they can tell by massaging your feet.

He told me I suffer from headaches and the pain is more on the right side of my head.

He asked me if I had been to the dentist recently for some treatment, amazingly  I went yesterday and had a filling.He even told me it was one of my bottom teeth.

He even knew I had gone to college with no dinner !!

Once again I was reminded about how I need to learn how to relax as my foot was often so tense that he had to tap it to get me to relax.

A great way to end the day and my feet are all ready for my walk next week.

Back to College…

I started back at college tonight after a 2 week break for Easter.

It was good to go back and see my Friends. 🙂

I did my third massage of the day and covered the last of the ranges that have to be assessed.

So hopefully next week all my assessments will be done and dusted.

Then its just a matter of finishing all the paper work, although I will still be doing clients while at college.

During the day I had two private clients, one a returning client and the other a new client.

The new client found me through my Blog and massage page, the power of the Internet and maybe the best advertising tool there is.

He enjoyed the massage and says he will be back and that makes all the hard work worth while.

It will take a while but I am sure I will get my regular customers built up over time.

The next thing I have to decide is, should I do the Indian head massage course next year !!