An unexpected treat…

A  teenager is allowed to change his mind… so today my son went for his army interview,all went well and now we have to wait for exam results to see if he can join as an engineer.

Then he will go to Pirbright for a fitness assessment and Harrogate in January 2009 maybe !!

keeping his options open we shall go to the local collage tomorrow who are having an open evening.

My other son is just about to apply for a job as a trainee labourer, which would suit him well.

With help from Geoff he has a great CV and written application waiting to be posted.

At college tonight we didn’t have enough clients and as I have finished my assessments it was only fair I let the others have first choice of the clients.

I got rewarded well …  a guy needed a client for his Reflexology assessment so I was that client.

It was a great experience and its amazing what they can tell by massaging your feet.

He told me I suffer from headaches and the pain is more on the right side of my head.

He asked me if I had been to the dentist recently for some treatment, amazingly  I went yesterday and had a filling.He even told me it was one of my bottom teeth.

He even knew I had gone to college with no dinner !!

Once again I was reminded about how I need to learn how to relax as my foot was often so tense that he had to tap it to get me to relax.

A great way to end the day and my feet are all ready for my walk next week.

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3 thoughts on “An unexpected treat…

  1. sally

    Hi Leslie…… so sorry to hear about your back… your booked for a massage when your over here, we go off on our walk on saturday.. sssooo excited 🙂

  2. Leslie

    Hi Sally, where does the time go? I haven’t had any lately to visit and here I see you’ve finished all your training but a bit of paperwork. Good for you! I had bad news re my CT scan…2 herniated discs and more stenosis, so off to the neurologist for a consult re another back surgery. First one in 1986…well, better now than when I’m over 80 and in a wheel-chair. So I will probably need a lovely massage next time I’ve over there. Probably post surgery – if I get it – maybe there’s something else that can be done that isn’t so intrusive. Or painful.

    When do you leave on your walk??? I’ve forgotten. Sorry.

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