Drawing to a close….

I am just finishing my last piece of paperwork for my massage course.

Then its all done and dusted and just a matter of waiting for my certificate.

No clients at college this week, we are going to give each other a well deserved massage instead.

Following week we are going out for a drink then we don’t have to attend college again.

As for my own personal clients , well its slow going, they all enjoy the massage but don’t come back often enough.

I expect with the price of petrol, food and general living expenses reaching an all time high, personal treats are the first things we cut back on.

My most regular client lives in Cambridge ( no its not Geoff ) and I do hope that I will pick up a few more clients in Cambridge given time.

So anyone reading this who would like to book a massage my details are here…..

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One thought on “Drawing to a close….

  1. jmb

    Sally I would love to take advantage of your services but sadly it’s a bit far to come for an appointment. Well done with persevering with this and I hope you will have a very successful business venture with this.

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