Plans so far…..

Only a few days now till Geoff and I go off to Corsica, where we hope to walk down the spine of Corsica , a walk known as the GR20. 1244_gr20-map

We are walking it north to south,doing the hardest days walking in the first half.

We fly out of Stansted to Nice very early on Saturday morning,Going to spend the day in Nice before catching the high speed ferry over to Calvi at 17.45. Its a three hour trip so should get there around 20.45.

We are booked into the hotel Monte Grosso in Calenzana for the Saturday night, a good nights sleep before starting the walk on the sunday.

We have also booked into the hotel Le Chalet,in Haut Asco on the 19th, our third walking day and the night before the Cirque de la solitude.The day that most walkers dread !!!

The idea is to keep my ruc-sac as light as possible…no luxuries on this trip.

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7 thoughts on “Plans so far…..

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  2. Andy

    Good luck Sally, hope the weather stays kind (not to hot, cold or wet).
    Sounds like you’ve done all your planning and training and are both well prepared.

    Just one point of caution, Geoff mentions that this is the first time he’s “done a long distance walk with anyone” so maybe a good idea to take a whistle to attract his attention just before he disappears over the horizon saying to himself “I’m sure I’ve forgotten something” Either that or get him to carry both packs 🙂

    Have fun (and a safe trip)

  3. Geoff

    Wonder what we will forget 🙂 should be great. first time I have done a long distance walk with anyone and first long holiday with a girlfriend 🙂

  4. sally

    Will be a very exciting time for me…. never been so far away from home or away for so long….. never walked so far either, all sounds scary to me 🙂

    Geoff and I would like to visit Sicily some time too…..

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