A training week-end ahead……

Got my train ticket , just got to pack, then tomorrow Geoff and I are off to Les Gets again for another training week-end.

Will be the last chance we get to train in the mountains before our Corsica trip.

Not sure what Geoff has in store for me this time but I will find out soon enough.

With my new Air force one socks foot cream and refreshing foot balm all from backpacking light. My feet have never felt better .

So here’s to a good three days walking in the mountains, with lots of photo’s to look forward too…….

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4 thoughts on “A training week-end ahead……

  1. jmb

    Hi Sally,

    I checked up on your socks and noticed they were mostly wool. Over here the material in the socks is mostly synthetic, although I bought two pairs of great wool socks in a hiking shop in Alaska. Which do you consider better with all your experience? Cost doesn’t seem to enter into it as they both cost an arm and a leg.
    Have a great trip.

  2. lady macleod

    Oh do have fun! That sounds great. I will look forward to seeing the photographs.

    The feet are the most important aren’t they? When I climb in Northern India my bag is stuffed with socks and boots as a priority.

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