Love is in the air…

Glad to see that romance is not dead… the amount of guys walking round Tesco with bouquets of flowers and roses was amazing.
Some even had 3 or 4 bouquets, we just hoped they didnt have 3 or 4 valentines 🙂
One guy wanted to buy fish so he could cook for his wife… even though he hated fish.
He decided on Monkfish, a good choice, but when I asked him what he was going to do with it and he replied ” deep fry it ” I almost died.
I told him he should wrap it in parma ham and bake it in the oven, I assured him his wife would be impressed.

What are your plans for valentines day ?? and do you have a favourite valentines quote ?
I found a great quote this year but cannot share it with you……… just yet 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Love is in the air…

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    I did laugh at the idea of the chap wanting to deep fry his monkfish!

    I have to confess that I don’t do Valentine’s Day. I never have. I don’t really do any designated days – it’s my contrary nature. I prefer to do things when I want to do them. I do think that days like this whilst good for some people, make others feel sad and lonely and maybe even lead to stress in relationships where there need not be any.

    But if it does make others happy then that is fine. It just doesn’t do it for me!!

    But the monkfish in parma ham sounds superb! So I’ll be your Valentine any time!!!

  2. Ellee

    Good to see your dad is following your blog. I shall be at a fund raising ball for Headway, the charity I support. I am sure you will be spoilt on Valentine’s Day.

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