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A walk from Lluc

This morning we woke in our “cell” at the Lluc monastery after a a fab 9 hour sleep.

1-IMG_2594The sun was shining and everything looked a little brighter, we went to our friendly restaurant for breakfast, sat out in the sun and relaxed while writing blog posts and pinching a little of their appalling slow internet ( things to be grateful for at home )

Around midday we decided it was time to go for a walk. I opted for two walks into one from the Paddy Dillion book, walking up to Binifaldo and back via Pixarells looking for Es Camell

We went up by the Refugi de Son Amer a good looking Refugi that was actually open, the walk was on good easy tracks with some ups and downs but nothing steep.

From Col Pelet we missed the turn off for the summit to Sa Moleta de Binifaldo 🙁 so carried on to Binifaldo along the GR221.

We then picked up the path to take us to Es Camell .The walking route was easy and pleasant as it twists and turns thorough amazing rock formations until you finally come to the rock that looks like a Camel !!

Then we descended the valley crossed a footbridge to reach a foot ball pitch and back into Lluc for our Sangria 🙂

Once again we have found the open street maps to be of great help as the book descriptions are way out of date, we met an Irish couple today who had lost their way due to the lack of signposts.

Tomorrow we hope to walk the Circuit of Puig Roig 🙂

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Cuber to Lluc

A very interesting start to the day when we joined a mass of people queuing for the bus to Lluc.

Luckily Geoff is a pusher and we managed to get on but many people were left behind and no one could get on at Soller.

Apparently it’s like that every morning so why there is only one bus I really don’t know 🙁

We got off the bus at Cuber where we finished yesterday’s walk, along with a huge group of other walkers but thankfully most were walking back to Soller

It was an easy start to the walk today but soon we were heading up along stoney mountain paths made more difficult today as carrying full bags.


By the time we reached the Col des Prart the weather had become dull and cloudy making it feel cold, once over the col we meandered round the mountain giving us more fantastic rugged views before heading up to another Col and starting the descent into Lluc

It was a long descent on very rocky paths before turning into a wide track through a forest, we met many walkers today most seem to walk to Lluc then on to Pollencia or catch the bus back to Soller the following day.

We are staying in the converted monastery, an impressive building with a museum galley and shops. Our room was a cell so feels cold and dark 🙁

The plan was to stay a few days before walking to Pollencia although we may change our plan as not sure what to make of the place at the moment !!

We did find a nice friendly restaurant open so enjoyed a good meal and white Rioja wine which was a first for me and very nice too.

And we shall see what tomorrow brings !!!

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Soller to Cuber

The temptation today was to go and conquer yesterday’s walk but due to torrential rain and thunderstorms during the night we had a change of plan.

Instead we caught the tram to Soller and decided to walk the GR221 up the Pilgrim Steps to Cúber

It was a 3275 feet climb,up a stone staircase, I was in heaven as I love walking up mountains especially on tracks that are signposted 🙂

 Luckily the weather improved too and the sun came out making it another perfect walk through rugged mountain terrain.

It would have been a 3 hour wait for a bus back to Port de Soller but just as we arrived someone was being dropped off by a taxi so we hopped in and 30 mins later we were  back in Port de Soller enjoying our Sangria.

Geoff’s pictures are here
Tomorrow we move on to the Sanctuary at Lluc, most people would get the bus there but we shall get the bus back to Cuber then walk to Lluc 🙂

Staying at the monastery for 3 nights will be quite an experience I
Just hope they don’t expect me to take a vow of silence !!

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Location:Paseo Es Travès Marina,Sóller,Spain

Circuit of Puig De Balitx

Today’s walk was the number 48 grade A+ walk taken from the Paddy Dillion book “walking in Mallorca”
 It was described as easy at first followed by rough descents and ascents,involving some scrambling and route finding,it also promised a long and interesting walk with panoramic views of the coast.
 The walk started well but eventually due to rock falls and fallen trees the tracks became hard to follow,the scenery was rugged and wild just the kind we like with huge rock faces that meant a lot of scrambling round, up and down rocks 🙂

Many times we thought we had lost our way only to retrace our steps and decide it was actually the right way so up and down we went !!
 When we finally thought we had cracked it we met,the only other walkers to be seen all day,a German couple coming the other way only to discover they could not find the important yellow rock,after much discussion we decided that we were in fact in the totally wrong place after all 🙁
 After some more toing and froing we decided to call it a day and retrace our steps back to Port de Soller,where we had a litre of Sangria to drown our sorrows.
 It’s the first time we have ever been beaten by a route and felt totally gutted !!
 We now realise that the important factor in loosing our way was crossing the dry riverbed in the valley rather than a streambed which was higher up on the path 🙁
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Location:Paseo Es Travès Marina,Port de Sóller,Spain

Walking in Mallorca

We arrived late in Palma on Sunday night so after a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we headed off to Port de Soller, but not before the mobile phone shops opened so Geoff could get his obligatory SIM card and Internet.

He offered to buy me one too but as I have always managed with free wifi I declined the offer not knowing how I would come to regret this 🙁

We caught the lovely wooden train that runs between Palma and Soller , it was a very scenic journey and the lemon and orange orchards were amazing.

Once in Soller you could catch the tram to Port de Soller, we decided to walk but not before we tried the Sangria which I can see will become a favourite on this holiday.

Once booked into our hotel “Eden North ” we went for a stroll round.Enjoyed a lovely dinner then watched the sunset over the bay and planned our first walk.

BayToday we decided to walk along the GR 221 to Deya a beautiful walk and very well signposted, as usual we thought it was too early to stop walking when we reached Deya so after a light lunch and finally finding some free wifi we decided to carry on to Valldemossa

It started with a tough climb and was totally un signposted which made finding the way hard at times and we did lose the GR221 but it was an awesome walk,one that reminded me just how much I love walking 🙂

We arrived in Valldemossa around 17.30 to discover no buses ran back to Port de Soller but luckily we found a taxi and a couple to share it with too 🙂

So we arrived back in time to have our Sangria before dinner, a perfect end to a perfect walk 🙂

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Chocolate brownies and a run

Every now and again I meet up with my friend  Gina from Norwich it usually means a lot of chatting Chocolate Browniesand some exercise, the last time we met it was for the Daffodil Dawdle Challenge walk in March.

Today Gina visited me at home so we could go and run my new favourite 10k route around the Church Ruins at Bawsey. Luckily for us the weather was kind and the wind and rain stayed away.

It was a great opportunity for me to cook lunch for us too, we had Chicken Chilli and Sweetcorn soup and the most amazing chocolate brownies that have not lasted the day 🙁  Both recipes came from another friend of mine Yvette, who we visited at Easter.

As Gina was unable to join us for our Wherryman’s way walk maybe our next meet up should be to walk the Boudicca way a 36 mile walk from Norwich to Diss.

GR10 Photos…

Day one..   Merens to Refuge des Besines 

Day two.. Refuge des Besines to Refuge des Bouillouses

Day three..Refuge des Bouillouses to Planes

Day four.. Planes to Caranca

Day five.. Caranca to Py

Day six.. Py to Cortalets

Day seven.. Cortalets to Arles sur tech

Day eight.. Arles sur tech to Moulin

Day nine.. Moulin to las Illas

Day ten.. las Illas to  Col de l’oullat

Day eleven.. Col de l’oullat to Banyuls.

Short summary of the GR10

It was tough walking, the weather was hot , the scenery fantastic and I loved every step I took 🙂

If your thinking about walking in the Pyrenees and along the GR10 I would recommend a few things..

Remember to take insect repellent or bite cream as I had a few nasty bites.

Make sure your kit is light and quick drying as its a hot dry dusty place and you will want to wash your clothes out at night.

If you are a light sleeper take ear plugs if staying in dormitory type refuges.

In peak season July/August book refuges in advance ( we had a few lucky nights where we just managed to get the last beds available )

If staying at Cortalets think about staying an extra night to enjoy a walk to the summit of Carnigou.

Keep your pack as light as possible, mine was around 10kg with water and lunch.

Most of all ENJOY !