Short summary of the GR10

It was tough walking, the weather was hot , the scenery fantastic and I loved every step I took 🙂

If your thinking about walking in the Pyrenees and along the GR10 I would recommend a few things..

Remember to take insect repellent or bite cream as I had a few nasty bites.

Make sure your kit is light and quick drying as its a hot dry dusty place and you will want to wash your clothes out at night.

If you are a light sleeper take ear plugs if staying in dormitory type refuges.

In peak season July/August book refuges in advance ( we had a few lucky nights where we just managed to get the last beds available )

If staying at Cortalets think about staying an extra night to enjoy a walk to the summit of Carnigou.

Keep your pack as light as possible, mine was around 10kg with water and lunch.

Most of all ENJOY !




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