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My Birthday Weekend

As my birthday fell on a weekend it was easy to decide what I wanted to do, Kings Lynn Parkrun and SWNC club ride, two things that have become very important to me.

My lovely friends Gina and Jayne were going to come over from Norwich and join me for parkrun and lunch and with Geoff having returned from his travels it was going to be a lovely day but even I never expected the surprise Geoff had in store for me.

Geoff gave me an unexpected parcel which when opened was a Belkin WeMo Switch, now as we are into gadgets I thought great something else to play with !!

After a few minutes Geoff said are you not going to open the box…..  I was thinking my friends will be here in half an hour maybe I should open it later…   but I opened it and almost died with shock when inside I found another box……

Which was a Garmin Edge 1000 !!!!!!!!


When Gina and Jayne arrived at 8am I was in a dizzy excited mood to say the least but we managed to get ourselves and the cakes I had baked to parkrun on time. Where we enjoyed a lovely chatty run and much to my delight everyone enjoyed the carrot cake I had made.


In the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Marriotts Warehouse then I hobbled home as my achilles was very sore by this time 🙁

Gina and Jayne left around 5pm and I spent the evening playing with my Garmin and setting it up ready for Sunday’s club ride.

Earlier on in the week SWNC had asked me where I wanted to ride too, I knew straight away that I wanted to go to the Bedlingfeld Arms, a club ride I had always missed before.

We woke to a cold still morning so wrapped up well and set off at 8.30 I was so excited about trying my new Garmin out which had the route on ready to follow

We had a fantastic ride out to the Bedlingfeld arms in brilliant Autumn sunshine, the landlady laid on lovely tea/coffee and cake for us and my Garmin worked so well I was shouting out the directions at most junctions, when not too busy chatting !


A great weekend shared with lovely people 🙂 and I am so lucky not to just have a Garmin but the Garmin 1000 which is totally amazing

The Tour De Broads Epic

This was a Sportive I was really looking forward to doing along with many others from SWNC, my friend Gina was joining us too so I knew it would be a fun day out,especially as good weather was predicted for the day.

10682121_10203033936032829_1638301511_nLittle did we know it was going to be such an Epic ride but not due to the distance !!

It started with Epic queues to get into the car park, then Epic queues to get signed on, but that did not dampen our moods as we excitedly  set off on the Epic 70 mile route.

The first 40 miles was a  great ride along some nice quiet scenic roads and then we arrived at the Reedham Ferry and saw the mega Epic queue and it all went down hill from there 🙁


The estimated queuing time for the Ferry was 2 hours !! we tried to work a way round it but there was none, unless like Gina you could just ride home. Gina was sad to leave us but she made the right decision as she was home before we even got on the ferry.DSCF8300-001

After such a long wait I was feeling very cold, and found it really hard to get going again, we had all lost a little of our enthusiasm too, which made the next 10 miles really tough , then we all seemed to perk up and  I thought only another 20 miles and we shall be done and have our medals and a beer.

But that was not to be, as by the time we finished they had run out of Medals, how that can happen I am not really sure unless you have been greedy and let more people register on the day.

None of us could be bothered to go for a beer either as the 2 hour ferry wait had made it a long day, so a disappointing end to what could and should of been a great day

They did say they would post our medals and I admit that I didn’t believe they would but 3 weeks after the event I have my medal………. and its a real Epic one 🙂

A year on my bike !!

Its been a year now since Geoff bought me my bike, he was preparing to go off on his travels and I was wondering what I would do with myself,so the bike came along to help me fill my time, little did either of us know how much it would change my life 🙂

140720_Cambridge_Sportive_1779Soon after getting my bike I joined SWNC for a club ride, which almost killed me, I still remember getting home and lying on the kitchen floor thinking I might die !! but that one ride had me hooked and I was determined to keep going and to conquer them Norfolk hills, yes there are hills in Norfolk !!

Luckily the club was very friendly ,helpful and full of encouragement even though I moaned at them sometimes when I struggled to keep up 🙁 but this just made me more determined and I pushed myself harder and harder as I loved this social group riding.

Then I discovered the Bike Sportives , the first one I did was the Wiggle No Excuses, riding with a small group and my friend Gina the atmosphere was fantastic and  I loved every second.

Needless to say I could not wait to do one of these events with Geoff and I finally managed to do the Boudicca with him after he returned from another mega trip 1484-1031-WNOEX02

So far this year I have done five Sportives and have two more booked  I have also been to Rutland twice and conquered the Rutland Alps and done four 100 mile rides. Amazingly I have also been to mallorca and loved biking up those long slow climbs.

A grand total of 3300 miles biked in one year, with my biggest climb being 1793 ft and my longest ride has been 106.

Geoff is now preparing to go off and bike down the Elbe River and although I still feel distraught when he goes away I know I wont be too lonely because I have my lovely bike, biking friends and Sunday Club rides to look forward too….. oh and I have that half Marathon to train for !!!

Boudicca 100 mile Bike sportive

I booked to do the Boudicca sportive after enjoying the wiggle no excuses so much and I thought a local 100 miles would be a good step up from 80 🙂

It was also a good opportunity to do an event with Geoff, who has recently returned from his epic ride from Hanoi to Singapore, I10170958_10201226292259132_9035799046070849219_n was also desperate to do some real riding with him.

When doing these events all you really ask for is good weather and we were blessed with the hottest day so far this year 🙂

We didn’t quite get the early start we had aimed for so at around 8am we lined up with a whole bunch of other riders from SWNC, we made an impressive sight all in our lovely new club jerseys.

Starting off in such a large group made it a very fast start and in fact Geoff got carried away by another group,it took me almost 40 miles of riding before I caught him up, by which time he was well and truly in the doghouse !!

After the first feed station, where we re-fuelled on bananas, malt loaf, cheddars and fig rolls, the group thinned out as the 100 milers took the route out to Thornham.Boudicca sportive....

The ride to Thornham was very enjoyable although a few of the roads were less than comfortable to ride on, it was nice to chat to other riders as we passed, most commenting on my very matching bike and gear, once seen never forgotten !!

Soon we had covered the 69 miles and arrived at feed station 2, this was not so good as most of the food had gone and I actually could not drink the energy drink provided, it was just not to my liking 🙁 this was not a major problem though as I still had some of my own energy drink and an energy bar to see me to feed station 3.

I had the feeling not many slower riders did the 100 mile as other riders were very thin on the ground between 69 miles and the 3rd feed station at 88 miles, where It was very disappointing to find that they had completely ran out of food here but again we had a gel to see us through to the end.

By this time we knew the actual mileage was going to be 106, nothing to bother us but we did pass the information on to a few people so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to them.

Amazingly we finished with a moving time of 6hr 50 making it 15.5 avg speed for 106 miles,

Got to be happy with that 🙂

The Rutland Alps

Topping Abbey Hill

Topping Abbey Hill

Some time ago SWNC posted about an event they were having out to Rutland to ride the Alps….  so called because it was a 63 mile very hilly route.

The distance would not be a problem for me but the thought of so many hills put me off going.

Every one had a different story to tell about these hills, never ending ,steep, killers, and the one I hated most was “you will have to walk up Launde Abbey” but then others said its great you will love it and do it easy…..So in the end I decided there was only one way to find out and that was to go and see for myself.

To say I arrived at Rutland car park feeling a little nervous is an understatement but It wasn’t long before 17 members of SWNC were all gathered together ready to go.

The hills started almost immediately,the funny thing is that no one had mentioned the downhills and I was so focused on the hills that I had not thought about the fact that if there was a hill there must be a downhill !! and these downhills were fast and as amazing as the uphills.

It seemed like in no time at all we were enjoying coffee and cake at the Windmill in Wymondham where amongst the chatter and laughter Launde Abbey hill soon became the topic of conversation. I don’t think I was the only one that left the Windmill feeling a little apprehensive !

I saw the sign post for Launde Abbey just as someone was wondering how far away the hill was, I just replied by saying it would soon all be over…. then I saw the hill and thought OMG but amazingly with a lot of shouting swearing and grunting I made it to the top, once I realised that I was not going to die I felt ecstatic and had the biggest smile that stayed with me for the rest of the ride.

A fabulous day out with a great bunch of riders who worked great together as a team and supported and encouraged us girlies all the way 🙂

The plan is to do this ride again on June 21st and maybe Geoff will be around to join us and my friend Gina too 🙂

and I need to start some cadence training and learn to spin more !!

A few photos, taken by Glyn Smith can be seen here

2013… what a Year !!

I ended 2013 with a very windy Ely 10km run.. no P/B today but was pleased with my time considering the conditions and the amount of exercise I had done in the past 4 days , which consisted of  a 5 mile run, 52 mile bike ride , 27 mile bike ride then 6 mile run today 🙂

IMG_11452013 has been a great year for me, I took on an extra contracted shift at Tesco doing a job that I actually enjoy and after much nagging I am getting more training too !

My little massage business continues to grow and gives me great pleasure 🙂

Joining the ladybird running club has changed my life and led me to parkrun and to Road biking with SWNC, where I have made some lovely like minded friends, and finally after all these years I feel that Kings Lynn is becoming home 🙂

Since August 2013 I have been logging my run and rides on strava and have done 1164 miles on my bike and 225 miles of running…..  in 2014 I think I will log my longer walks on dailymile just so I can see how many miles I walk, fitbit logs my day to day walking which adds up to quite a lot too

I have lots planned for 2014 including the wiggle no excuses 80 mile sportive ride, the GEAR 10km, the LDWA Daffodil dawdle 26 mile walk, the 100 mile Sandringham ride and maybe a half marathon in October and who knows what adventure I will get up to with Geoff…  !!

Tomorrow we start the New Year walking with CRC…

A great Christmas gift to myself….

As well as being fanatical about parkrun and the ladybirds my other obsession is my bike and SWNC.

I was really disappointed when I dithered and did not manage to get a place in the Ely 10k on New Year’s Eve.

wiggleSo tonight when I saw more places had become available for the Wiggle No Excuses Sportive I didn’t hesitate and booked myself a place.

Now I know I need new clothes especially some black trousers but the thought of riding 80 miles with over 25 of my new biking friends seemed far more exciting than buying clothes !!

A great Christmas gift to myself…

My First Club Ride….

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to go out on a club ride with the main SWNC, it was a 44 mile ride to Thornham.

Luckily for me the group split into 2 with a fast and slower speed.

I coped with the hills better this time and managed to just about stay with the group on the way there…

Coffee break was at Thornham Deli a place I have never been to before but can now highly recommend, the cakes were amazing….

On the way back I struggled to stay with the group, who I think had rocket fuel in their coffee, there was also a head wind making it tough going but luckily someone stayed and looked after me making sure I got back ok.

Screenshot 02:09:2013 12:27

As you can see my avg speed was 14.1 a good improvement on the the 11.9 which it was On the Hunstanton beginners ride but a fair way to go to match the others at 15.7 ……

As I rode too and from the start of the ride at Castle Rising my total miles for the day was around 52, after laying on the kitchen floor and dying for a few moments I soon recovered 🙂

A tough but fun enjoyable ride, I cannot wait to go again and amazingly I was home by 2pm