My First Club Ride….

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to go out on a club ride with the main SWNC, it was a 44 mile ride to Thornham.

Luckily for me the group split into 2 with a fast and slower speed.

I coped with the hills better this time and managed to just about stay with the group on the way there…

Coffee break was at Thornham Deli a place I have never been to before but can now highly recommend, the cakes were amazing….

On the way back I struggled to stay with the group, who I think had rocket fuel in their coffee, there was also a head wind making it tough going but luckily someone stayed and looked after me making sure I got back ok.

Screenshot 02:09:2013 12:27

As you can see my avg speed was 14.1 a good improvement on the the 11.9 which it was On the Hunstanton beginners ride but a fair way to go to match the others at 15.7 ……

As I rode too and from the start of the ride at Castle Rising my total miles for the day was around 52, after laying on the kitchen floor and dying for a few moments I soon recovered 🙂

A tough but fun enjoyable ride, I cannot wait to go again and amazingly I was home by 2pm


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4 thoughts on “My First Club Ride….

  1. Geoff

    Amazing! well done a truly great ride and a really good pace for a beginner, remember that, you are only just starting! I started doing 10 & 25 mile time trials when I was 16 or so, must dig out my Clowne Wheelers junior rider cup it was for 25 miles in something like in 1hr 15min

  2. LadyBanana

    Your top speed was 28.4mi/hr.. amazing!

    I went for a ride last week, about 4 miles and was wrecked. my top speed was about 10mi/hr and my *underparts* were BURNING! lol

  3. Gina Preston

    Well done, Sally! I am so glad you are now addicted too! And what an improvement too.
    Our club always choose a route on Sunday that goes out into the wind and comes back with the wind behind. It is definitely a better way to ride – homebound headwinds are horrible.

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