The Rutland Alps

Topping Abbey Hill

Topping Abbey Hill

Some time ago SWNC posted about an event they were having out to Rutland to ride the Alps….  so called because it was a 63 mile very hilly route.

The distance would not be a problem for me but the thought of so many hills put me off going.

Every one had a different story to tell about these hills, never ending ,steep, killers, and the one I hated most was “you will have to walk up Launde Abbey” but then others said its great you will love it and do it easy…..So in the end I decided there was only one way to find out and that was to go and see for myself.

To say I arrived at Rutland car park feeling a little nervous is an understatement but It wasn’t long before 17 members of SWNC were all gathered together ready to go.

The hills started almost immediately,the funny thing is that no one had mentioned the downhills and I was so focused on the hills that I had not thought about the fact that if there was a hill there must be a downhill !! and these downhills were fast and as amazing as the uphills.

It seemed like in no time at all we were enjoying coffee and cake at the Windmill in Wymondham where amongst the chatter and laughter Launde Abbey hill soon became the topic of conversation. I don’t think I was the only one that left the Windmill feeling a little apprehensive !

I saw the sign post for Launde Abbey just as someone was wondering how far away the hill was, I just replied by saying it would soon all be over…. then I saw the hill and thought OMG but amazingly with a lot of shouting swearing and grunting I made it to the top, once I realised that I was not going to die I felt ecstatic and had the biggest smile that stayed with me for the rest of the ride.

A fabulous day out with a great bunch of riders who worked great together as a team and supported and encouraged us girlies all the way 🙂

The plan is to do this ride again on June 21st and maybe Geoff will be around to join us and my friend Gina too 🙂

and I need to start some cadence training and learn to spin more !!

A few photos, taken by Glyn Smith can be seen here

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  1. Gina Preston

    Well done, Sally! That is certainly a massive hill. And yep, I’m in for June. But I’m definitely bringing a bike with gears this time!! Or I’ll be walking up them all x

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