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Five Minute Bread (part one)

dough mix

Today I started the master recipe for my Artisan bread, its taken from the book Five Minute Bread , the revolutionary new baking method , no bread machine, no kneading.

Basically you mix 4 ingredients, pop it in the fridge,then shape bake and eat !

dough risen

My mixture is now in the fridge waiting for the next stage of shaping and baking tomorrow.

The master recipe is enough to make 4 x 1lb loaves and will keep in the fridge for up to 14 days.

It will be interesting to see the results 🙂


Pancake day 2012

We broke with tradition today and instead of the usual lemon and sugar pancakes, I made American style pancakes.

I made 2 different fillings, blueberry and peanut butter and banana.

They don’t look perfect but smell delicious ….


and now they sit on the kitchen table waiting for Matthew to  finish work 🙂

Fat free cake and calorie counting

Having cake without all the calories….is achievable if you know the right cakes to bake.

This week I have made a fat free, banana and sultana loaf, which contains 2,363 calories, so cut into 14 slices (66 grams) makes it 169 calories a slice.

Here is the recipe…

1lb of over ripe bananas (about 5)
2 beaten eggs
6oz brown sugar
4oz sultanas
8oz SR flour

mash bananas add eggs sugar and sultanas mix well then stir in flour . place in loaf tin and bake for 1 hour to 1hour 30 at gas mark 4 or 180

My food cupboards are also becoming a calorie counters dream, as I have been labelling all my containers with there calorie content.

All these small things make it quick and easy to see the calories in what I am eating 🙂

All this from someone who was so adamant that she would never count calories!

Saving the best till last !

I really enjoyed doing all my baking and cooking over Christmas, especially when it was so enjoyed.

The dish I enjoyed making the most though, had to be The Christmas Pudding, Its something I have wanted to make for many years.

Thanks to my friend Caity, who made me aware of a Jamie Oliver recipe, that only needed 3 hours steaming,this year I had no excuse not to make that pudding !

A few people had wondered if it really would be a Christmas pudding with just 3 hours steaming but let me tell you… it was and the empty dishes told me it was ! not a crumb was left.

Luckily I had  some of the mixture left and have 3 small puddings here at home so I can have a second tasting 🙂

2012 baking challenge is going to be a bread one, using the book,Five Minute Bread but Santa didn’t know it was on my list so first I have to order the book 🙂

Christmas Baking..

Today I had time for my “fix” of Christmas baking..

24 Ginger biscuits, 12 mince pies and 12 Christmas muffins…


I even managed to get out for my run too 🙂


Then this evening we had all Geoff’s family round and  Steve cooked us a traditional Czech republic Christmas eve dinner, consisting of Carp and potato salad, our Carp was most definitely not alive though, so was easier to prepare !

Very nice it was too, there is little left of my baking so its a good job I have made cake and pudding for tomorrow 🙂