Fat free cake and calorie counting

Having cake without all the calories….is achievable if you know the right cakes to bake.

This week I have made a fat free, banana and sultana loaf, which contains 2,363 calories, so cut into 14 slices (66 grams) makes it 169 calories a slice.

Here is the recipe…

1lb of over ripe bananas (about 5)
2 beaten eggs
6oz brown sugar
4oz sultanas
8oz SR flour

mash bananas add eggs sugar and sultanas mix well then stir in flour . place in loaf tin and bake for 1 hour to 1hour 30 at gas mark 4 or 180

My food cupboards are also becoming a calorie counters dream, as I have been labelling all my containers with there calorie content.

All these small things make it quick and easy to see the calories in what I am eating 🙂

All this from someone who was so adamant that she would never count calories!

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4 thoughts on “Fat free cake and calorie counting

  1. Lady Banana

    Looks good, but 14 slices!! they must be very thin. Trouble is when I’ve had one slice, one chocolate I always want more!

  2. Working Mum

    I love banana cake, so I may give this a go. Calorie counting definitely works; it’s not rocket science, it’s common sense. Hope it works for you.

    Try Rosemary Conley’s fat free fruit cake, delicious, fat free and can be frozen in slices so that you only eat one at a time (I made it when I was losing weight and still make it now):

    1 cup dried fruit soaked over night in 1 cup tea. Add to 1 cup brown sugar, 2 cups SR flour and one egg. Mix well, tip into cake tin and bake until skewer comes out clean.

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