40 miles in a weekend !

Spring is definitely on its way, the weekend has proved this by being milder and providing us with some much needed sunshine.

After having a lingering migraine all week I have felt 100% human again over the weekend so we made the most of the milder weather and went walking both days.


Saturday we did 25 miles, a practise ready for my 27 mile Daffodil Dawdle walk in a few weeks time, we covered the distance easily no aching legs just hot feet and sore toes, new boots are needed but new socks will have to do for now !

My toes were still a little uncomfortable this morning but not bad enough to stop us from enjoying a nice walk 15 mile walk, from Ashwell with the Cambridge Rambling Club.

Amazingly the ground was very very dry and before long I am sure we shall be in drought conditions 🙁

On Friday we are going to Castleton for 2 days walking in the Hills, which I am so looking forward too 🙂

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8 thoughts on “40 miles in a weekend !

  1. CherryPie

    The time I visited that beautiful area for walking was when the foot and mouth outbreak took place…

    No walking and no visiting some sites. It was quite challenging to change plans at the last minute!!

    I look forward to hearing about your walking there 🙂

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