131 miles / GR10

Geoff & Sally in BanyulsWe are now in Banyuls after walking 131 miles in eleven days along the GR10

We have had perfect weather very hot at times and only rain during the night

It has been a very tough walk but I have enjoyed every second and Geoff will never know how much I have appreciated the opportunity to do this walk with him

It’s been great to have my Kindle and catch up with the reading I long to do, but always seem too busy to do at home

Looking forward to a good nights sleep after being in full, air less, dormitory rooms for the past few nights, with some real miserable French people 🙁

3 days till we fly home, will be interesting to see what we do I hope to get a few hours on a nice beach in the sun with my Kindle

Then I cannot wait to have a bath and give my clothes a proper wash

It’s been perfect 🙂

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Location:Avenue de la République,Banyuls-sur-Mer,France

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2 thoughts on “131 miles / GR10

  1. Martin

    Glad you had such a good time! I’m off to Ariege Pyrenees in a couple of weeks, feeling excited and every so slightly anxious.

    If you could give me three tips, what would they be?

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