Trailside Eco Lodge

Sally striding down GR10We had mountain thunder storms during the night so was happy to wake up to a clear fresh day

After another breakfast of bread and jam which I really struggle with, we were off on our way at 8.30am

Today’s route was a much easier walk with no noticeable height gain or loss, mainly through forest and across ski runs .

We soon covered the 12 miles and found ourselves at the Trailside Eco Lodge by 1.30.

The downside to finishing so early is the long wait till the 8pm dinner the upside is more time to read my book and rest my feet / legs ready for the next day.

Dinner here was very good all local organic food with local cheese too. Only 2 other guests staying a French couple we have bumped into now and again they started on the same day as us from Merens and will be going to Banyuls too so we expect to bump into them again.

Tomorrows refuge has no shower or electric so should be interesting.

It’s now pouring with rain and thunder can be heard in the distance but hopefully it will be dry and clear again by morning.

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Location:Casas del Mitg,Planès,France

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5 thoughts on “Trailside Eco Lodge

  1. Sally

    Hi Martin. Yes I am having a great time and I am sure you will too . It’s been hot and tough but so fantastic 🙂 I did get bitten very badly the first day and my arm was quite sore for a day or two 🙁 unfortunately the one thing I forgot to bring was insect repellent or bite cream

  2. Martin

    Hi Sally

    Glad you see you’re enjoying the hike. I’m in the midst of route planning, only three weeks to go until I start my week in the Pyrenees, gulp! Have you had any problems with mosquitoes?

    Have fun, Martin

  3. your dad

    the weather over here is rain rain rain so make the best of the sun when you get it .

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