Goodies for my garden

We have been collecting a few plants and seeds for my garden.

If I am truthful I dont really know why I bought the seeds, I just dont have the patience to grow them and much prefer to see a plant in the garden .

Although this afternoon I discovered that Andrew enjoyed planting the plants and the seeds, he also took another huge bag of weeds from the soil and sowed some grass seed.

Now as usual its a waiting game !

We made a lovely discover underneath all the weed growth too, my Rhubarb plant has sprouted and survived being moved 🙂

I have a small selection of shrubs planted in the garden too, only small ones but hopefully it will be good to watch them grow , they include a Honeysuckle, a Climbing Rose, a Cotoneaster , a Viburnum and a Blackberry bush.


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3 thoughts on “Goodies for my garden

  1. your dad

    YES the waiting is a bit boring ,,keep setting each week then there will be things happening all the while , once they start..

  2. Geoff

    Maybe he will turn into as keen a gardener as his Grandad 🙂
    Make sure the weeds go in the compost with the accelerator 🙂

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