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Happy Garden

I love Sunflowers

So this year for the first time ever, as my garden gets lots of sun, we decided to try growing some.

We now have about seven sunflowers that are at least eleven foot tall and yesterday the first one came into flower 🙂







Making it a very Happy Garden 🙂

Vegetable Garden

When Geoff dug up some of my lawn to make a small Vegetable plot , I really did worry about how I would find the time to grow vegetables 🙁

Little did I know that my son Andrew would enjoy doing it so much, unlike me he enjoys growing from seeds and loves waiting for the plants to pop their heads through the soil

We are just experimenting this year and have lettuce, onions, potatoes, runner beans and peppers in the garden,


Carrot beetroot and leek seeds have all been planted too, and I really want some courgette plants as I could eat these every day 🙂

Its lovely walking through the garden gate and seeing the plants growing day by day, and I  just love to potter in the Garden !



Front garden

What a difference a year makes…..

One year ago my front garden looked a mess….








I never thought I would be able to get it looking nice, but after laying turf ,planting some shrubs and some general TLC  it now looks like this….







Cannot wait to see what it looks like next year 🙂

Goodies for my garden

We have been collecting a few plants and seeds for my garden.

If I am truthful I dont really know why I bought the seeds, I just dont have the patience to grow them and much prefer to see a plant in the garden .

Although this afternoon I discovered that Andrew enjoyed planting the plants and the seeds, he also took another huge bag of weeds from the soil and sowed some grass seed.

Now as usual its a waiting game !

We made a lovely discover underneath all the weed growth too, my Rhubarb plant has sprouted and survived being moved 🙂

I have a small selection of shrubs planted in the garden too, only small ones but hopefully it will be good to watch them grow , they include a Honeysuckle, a Climbing Rose, a Cotoneaster , a Viburnum and a Blackberry bush.