The Norfolk Leg stretchers

Due to soaring diesel prices I almost didn’t go on a walk today, as the only decent walk would have meant an 80 mile round trip 🙁

Then I swallowed my pride and rang to see if I could get a lift and luckily for me the walk leader was only too happy to give me a lift 🙂

So this morning it was off to West Stow to walk with the Norfolk Leg stretchers, I knew most of the 8 other walkers and it was great to catch up with them, many of these walkers knew me when I was going through the very dark stage of my life, I am sure these walkers and the walks helped me get through this bad time 🙂

Nice to see that certain members also follow my blog too 🙂

After not having a good walk for the past few Sunday’s it was really good to get out and walk 16 miles, my achilles and hamstrings did ache a little but not enough to stop me from enjoying the walk.

Most of all it was great to catch up with people and I was very grateful for the lift 🙂



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4 thoughts on “The Norfolk Leg stretchers

  1. Gary

    Good to catch up with you and the rest of the walkers yesterday, its some time since I last went out with the legstretchers ( must be a few years) but its like coming back to the family and people were just as friendly as the last time I saw them. Hope you dont feel I am being intrusive reading your blog and ‘knowing your business’ but I guess you are happy for people to do this or you would not do it. Dont know if I would be happy to do this myself though…….

    Hope you are soon back to running.


    1. sally

      yes thats what I love about all the walking groups, you dont have to walk with then every week but they are always so friendly 🙂

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